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        Category: FAQs OTT (IPTV)     Updated: 18-10-2017, 17:24 by dr.Freak     Views: 2795    Comments: 0
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Watch IPTV with M3U list on MAG
In the internal software. Editing the channel list

-Enter to "IPTV Channels”
-Activate the menu by pressing the «menu» on the remote control.
-In the menu select "GROUP” → "Edit Mode”.
-"New Entry” (blue button on the remote control).
-In the dialog box enter the necessary data.
-Name: Channel name (actual or desired).
-URL: «solution» «URL address channel».
-Save your entries - «Save».
Please Check Details for more Info!!!
Watch IPTV with M3U list on MAG
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        Category: FAQ IPTV from Servers-1,3     Updated: 18-10-2017, 11:49 by dr.Freak     Views: 5044    Comments: 4
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 Watch IPTV with KODI from Server-1
1. Firstly, you must have your m3u file on the device you want to use it on(android box, fire stick, pc etc)
Please Check Details for more Info!!!
Watch IPTV with KODI from Server-1
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        Category: FAQs OTT (IPTV)     Updated: 25-10-2014, 11:42 by dr.Freak     Views: 6756    Comments: 1
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Watch IPTV on Smart TV
Here is an application that allows watching IPTV on your Smart TVs which is called: Smart IPTV

This tutorial is made from an LG Smart TV but I think the process should be the same on a Samsung TV.

1 ===> Installing the application

There are 2 ways to install the application, either directly from the LG Store -which is the simplest way- or via a USB Drive for some models.

Please Check Details for more Info!!!
Watch IPTV on Smart TV
Key-Tags: IPTV FAQ, IPTV, OTT, SS_IPTV, Samsung

        Category: FAQs OTT (IPTV)     Updated: 20-10-2017, 09:18 by dr.Freak     Views: 6400    Comments: 0
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 Watch IPTV on Samsung TV
The application works on TVs Series E and higher

Install SS IPTV on Smart TV Samsung E Series:

Press SMART TV button on your RC.
Press red "A" button to enter the account
Create account with login develop and pass any 6-digit
Press red "A" button again ends in, using the newly created account develop
Click on the blue RC "B" button if D Series TV or Tools button if you have E Series TV
Select Preferences --- Development --- IP Server Configuration
In the menu that looked into 91,122,100,196......

Please Check Details for more Info!!!
Watch IPTV on Samsung TV

        Category: FAQs OTT (IPTV)     Updated: 20-10-2017, 07:42 by dr.Freak     Views: 4952    Comments: 0
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 Enigma2 Boxes HowTo Convert M3U8/M3U
Enigma-TV_IPTV_Generator for converting m3u files to dreambox boxes format
Dreambox EDIT

and just install both programs.

SECOND STEP / Enigma-TV IPTV Generator

Open the programm and open your m3u8/m3u list in the m3u file channels tab
Click on Generate Cannel list

Down in the status You will that Channels file is generated
Open this folder on c: drive and You will find the file userbouquet.EnigmaTV_geniptvfavourites.tv


Set options as it follows in this pic or just click on enigma2 settings and insert your enigma2 box password and save settings

Download chanNel settings in the some folder and copy the file userbouquet.favourites.tv in the same folder.
Close Dreambox EDIT and open it again, open the chanell settings

with a file you inserted before and upload your list to the enigma2 device

Enigma2 Boxes HowTo Convert M3U8/M3U
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