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VIP-Extra IPTV/OTT (Server-3)

13-08-2018, 17:51 Category: IPTV/OTT Portal From: dr.Freak Views: 33547 Comments: 48
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Cardsharing       VIP-Extra IPTV/OTT  (Server-3)
    VIP-Extra IPTV/OTT (Server-3)
on Enigma2, any Windows Player, Android, Smart TV, m3u

 DISCOUNT!!!  (limited users) 3months for 25.00,-EUR!!!

IPTV-Afghanistan IPTV-Africa IPTV-Albania IPTV-Arabic IPTV-Australia IPTV-Austria IPTV-Belgium IPTV-Brazil IPTV-Bulgaria IPTV-Canada IPTV-Caribbean IPTV-China IPTV-Czech IPTV-Denmark IPTV-Estonia IPTV-ex-YU IPTV-Finland IPTV-For Adults IPTV-France IPTV-Germany IPTV-Greece IPTV-Hungary IPTV-India IPTV-Indonesia IPTV-Iran IPTV-Israel IPTV-Italy IPTV-Japan IPTV-Korea IPTV-Kurdistan IPTV-Latin America IPTV-Malaysia IPTV-Malta IPTV-Netherland IPTV-Norway IPTV-Pakistan IPTV-Poland IPTV-Portugal IPTV-Romania IPTV-Russia IPTV-Spain IPTV-Sport IPTV-Sweden IPTV-Switzerland IPTV-Thailand IPTV-Turkey IPTV-United Kingdom IPTV-United States IPTV-Viet Nam

1-day TEST ACTIVE for 0.5,-EUR!!! (free test from HERE!)
7-days TEST ACTIVE for 4.00,-EUR!!!

Android, PC, Smart TV, M3U, MAG, Enigma2, etc. Support! ANY device supported!

You will get settings for devices: 
type=gigablue output=m3u8 HLS
type=gigablue output=ts MPEGTS
type=gigablue output=rtmp RTMP
Enigma 2 OE 1.6
type=enigma16 output=m3u8 HLS
type=enigma16 output=ts MPEGTS
type=enigma16 output=rtmp RTMP
DreamBox OE 2.0
type=dreambox output=m3u8 HLS
type=dreambox output=ts MPEGTS
type=dreambox output=rtmp RTMP
type=m3u output=m3u8 HLS
type=m3u output=ts MPEGTS
type=m3u output=rtmp RTMP
Simple List
type=simple output=m3u8 HLS
type=simple output=ts MPEGTS
type=simple output=rtmp RTMP
type=octagon output=m3u8 HLS
type=octagon output=ts MPEGTS
type=octagon output=rtmp RTMP
Starlive v3/StarSat HD6060/AZclass
type=starlivev3 output=m3u8 HLS
type=starlivev3 output=ts MPEGTS
type=starlivev3 output=rtmp RTMP
MediaStar / StarLive v4
type=mediastar output=m3u8 HLS
type=mediastar output=ts MPEGTS
type=mediastar output=rtmp RTMP
Enigma 2 OE 1.6 Auto Script
MPEGTS Default
Enigma 2 OE 2.0 Auto Script
MPEGTS Default
m3u With Options
type=m3u_plus output=m3u8 HLS
type=m3u_plus output=ts MPEGTS
type=m3u_plus output=rtmp RTMP
StarLive v5
type=starlivev5 output=m3u8 HLS
type=starlivev5 output=ts MPEGTS
type=starlivev5 output=rtmp RTMP
WebTV List
type=webtvlist output=m3u8 HLS
type=webtvlist output=ts MPEGTS
type=webtvlist output=rtmp RTMP
Octagon Auto Script
MPEGTS Default
type=ariva output=m3u8 HLS
type=ariva output=ts MPEGTS
type=ariva output=rtmp RTMP
type=spark output=m3u8 HLS
type=spark output=ts MPEGTS
type=spark output=rtmp RTMP
type=gst output=m3u8 HLS
type=gst output=ts MPEGTS
type=gst output=rtmp RTMP
type=fps output=m3u8 HLS
type=fps output=ts MPEGTS
type=fps output=rtmp RTMP
Revolution 60/60 | Sunplus
type=revosun output=m3u8 HLS
type=revosun output=ts MPEGTS
type=revosun output=rtmp RTMP
type=zorro output=m3u8 HLS
type=zorro output=ts MPEGTS
type=zorro output=rtmp RTMP

    Active Cardsharing-Packages on Server-3:
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Latin America

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IPTV Romania on IPTV

IPTV Russia on IPTV

IPTV Sweden on IPTV

IPTV Switzerland on IPTV

IPTV Thailand on IPTV

IPTV Turkey on IPTV



IPTV Vietnam on IPTV

Price on Server-3: 10.00,-€/Month     Place Ordering for IPTV_VIP_ALL_S3 on Server-3!

Notes Server-3:
IPTV Afganistan, IPTV Africa, IPTV Albania, IPTV Arabic, IPTV Bangladesh, IPTV Austria, IPTV Belgium, IPTV Brasil, IPTV Bulgaria, IPTV Canada, IPTV China, IPTV Columbia, IPTV Czech, IPTV Germany, IPTV Denmark, IPTV Spain, IPTV Estonia, IPTV ex-Yu, IPTV Finland, IPTV France, IPTV Greece, IPTV Japan, IPTV Hungary, IPTV HongKong, IPTV India, IPTV Italia, IPTV Isreal, IPTV Iran, IPTV Kurdistan, IPTV LatinAmerica, IPTV Macedonia, IPTV Malta, IPTV Malaysia, IPTV Netherland, IPTV Norway, IPTV Portugal, IPTV Pakistan, IPTV Poland, IPTV Romania, IPTV Russia, IPTV Slovenia, IPTV Sweden, IPTV Switzerland, IPTV Thailand, IPTV Turkey, IPTV UK, IPTV USA, IPTV Vietnam, IPTV Sport, IPTV XXX, IPTV VOD-UK, VOD-YU, VOD-CH, VOD-IT, VOD-IR, VOD-IN, VOD-FR, VOD-DE, VOD-FI, VOD-CRO, VOD-RU, VOD-JP, VOD-ES, VOD-PL, VOD-Series, VOD-Series-YU, VOD-Series-IT, VOD-Series-TR, VOD-Series-Mix, VOD-Series-Porno

1. We can not change orderings from one server to other after buying any!
2. We can not change eg. from M3U to MAG or Enigma after buying any pack!
3. If bad MAC-Address was given to us we can change it only ONCE! (PM to Admin)

Last Feedbacks about Pack IPTV_VIP_ALL_S3:
S-3 male, 2018-12-11: Very good
S-3 apollonara, 2018-12-09: Great
S-3 aaget, 2018-12-08: Best ever
S-3 pg, 2018-12-07: I want to renew, but it is not possible since you appear to have a problem with your database/web server.
S-3 yxpoiss, 2018-12-07: hey estonian canel are wrong
S-3 t.sin, 2018-12-06: Some channels are not working or playing in a different number
S-3 Boongo, 2018-12-05: Works fine.Some updates were helpful.
S-3 iliasg, 2018-12-04: AAA
S-3 izmailov03, 2018-12-04: super
S-3 artvdm, 2018-12-03: .
S-3 CANALDIGITAL, 2018-11-21: -
S-3 tritonas, 2018-11-21: nice
S-3 Robbski, 2018-11-20: -Stars Good
S-3 Robbski, 2018-11-20: Good
S-3 Marlive, 2018-11-20: Working 100%
S-3 djfrosty, 2018-11-17: TV Quality is good but only 1 box pr. register, not good. Need 3 login at the same time otherwise too expensive.
S-3 Lgd, 2018-11-15:
S-3 Jocke, 2018-11-14: GREAT
S-3 texas27, 2018-11-13: Really great service.
S-3 Jocke, 2018-11-13: GREAT
S-3 mes, 2018-11-12: very good services but sometimes the screen image freezes, some days it does not work.
S-3 gpanagioto, 2018-11-09: without problems
S-3 pg, 2018-11-06: Renewing
S-3 pg, 2018-11-06: Renewing
S-3 radimkocab, 2018-11-05: FHD (HD) channels are often of a poor quality.
S-3 djfrosty, 2018-11-05: Working grreat. Just few channels not working.
S-3 onion, 2018-11-04: Works great!
S-3 pecosan, 2018-11-01: very good service
S-3 Janetzky1978, 2018-11-01: Work good
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-11-01: -Stars dziala dobrze , ale na Fulan , Spark i ich odpowiednikach nie dziala
S-3 Deepwater, 2018-10-29: Great server!
S-3 jamesb, 2018-10-28: -Stars 5 STARS
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-10-28: -Stars dziala dobrze
S-3 danevig, 2018-10-26: feedback
S-3 Dasop, 2018-10-26: just fine!
S-3 SamSmart, 2018-10-24: Great service!
S-3 siciliano, 2018-10-23: no signal
S-3 Marlive, 2018-10-23: Working 100%
S-3 tritonas, 2018-10-20: nice
S-3 bl0m1, 2018-10-20: works like a sharm!
S-3 Toduc, 2018-10-16: GREAT
S-3 Jocke, 2018-10-16: GREAT
S-3 Jdall1234, 2018-10-16: GREAT
S-3 sterginho76, 2018-10-11: -Stars OK
S-3 scotty, 2018-10-08: ok
S-3 lambihenri, 2018-10-08:
S-3 pg, 2018-10-08: Great
S-3 pg, 2018-10-08: Great
S-3 leffep, 2018-10-06:
S-3 PavelNovak, 2018-10-03: Some CZE channels has still wrong audio (National Geographic Wild has English one)
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-10-02: -Stars dziala dobrze
S-3 Janetzky1978, 2018-10-02:
S-3 iliasg, 2018-10-01: AAA
S-3 Jdall1234, 2018-09-25: GREAT
S-3 trombski, 2018-09-25: ok
S-3 djfrosty, 2018-09-24: Works great.
S-3 tritonas, 2018-09-21: nice
S-3 marcialf76, 2018-09-21: Great service, as always
S-3 patsana, 2018-09-20: Thank you
S-3 male, 2018-09-12: Very good
S-3 marksorina, 2018-09-09: -Stars ottimo servizio
S-3 Twind_Sharing, 2018-09-08: Stable IP-TV Server-3 connection.
S-3 Hank13, 2018-09-07: great!
S-3 Nazgulcy, 2018-09-06: excellent service
S-3 pg, 2018-09-06: Renewing
S-3 pg, 2018-09-06: Renewing
S-3 Boongo, 2018-09-05: Super great..its working excellent !
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-09-05: -Stars dziala dobrze
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-09-02: -Stars dziala dobrze
S-3 ndoumouras, 2018-09-02: Thanks
S-3 ndoumouras, 2018-09-02: Thanks
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-09-02: -Stars dziala dobrze
S-3 ndoumouras, 2018-09-02: Thanks but Nova Channel not working Greece
S-3 ndoumouras, 2018-09-02: Thanks
S-3 Kuukkeli, 2018-08-30: *****
S-3 Kuukkeli, 2018-08-30: *****
S-3 stormtouki, 2018-08-27: works great
S-3 trombski, 2018-08-25: OK
S-3 xt60002, 2018-08-24: It is very good i hope to see in server 3 nova sports from greece too.
S-3 CANALDIGITAL, 2018-08-23: -
S-3 onion, 2018-08-22: Works great!
S-3 marcialf76, 2018-08-22: Good service!
S-3 tritonas, 2018-08-20: nice
S-3 PARNASSOS, 2018-08-19: ouaou
S-3 siciliano, 2018-08-18: keine verbindung
S-3 leffep, 2018-08-14: Nice, all ok
S-3 joyceanpaul, 2018-08-08: great
S-3 pg, 2018-08-07: Great
S-3 pg, 2018-08-07: Thanks
S-3 pecosan, 2018-08-06: best
S-3 iliasg, 2018-08-03: -Stars AAA
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-08-03: -Stars dziala bardzo dobrze
S-3 scali, 2018-07-28: Thanks
S-3 trombski, 2018-07-26: OK
S-3 Marlive, 2018-07-24: Working 100%
S-3 Dasop, 2018-07-23: working good!!! Nova Cinemas perfect but not Nova Sports yet!
S-3 djfrosty, 2018-07-22: Very good. Only few german channels are not working
S-3 leffep, 2018-07-22: Working good so fare
S-3 jamesb, 2018-07-20: Perfect
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-07-19: -Stars dziala dobrze
S-3 jane777, 2018-07-17: Best tv
S-3 jamesb, 2018-07-17: Superb
S-3 Jocke, 2018-07-15: GREAT
S-3 Twind_Sharing, 2018-07-14: Very good stable connection with IPTV server-3 on Enigma2. Maybe 1 hickup/freeze a day (only have to switch to other channel and back to get it working again).
S-3 lengySK, 2018-07-10: good stream, no lags
S-3 lambihenri, 2018-07-08: O.K.
S-3 aividz, 2018-07-06: nice
S-3 pg, 2018-07-06: -Stars Thanks.
S-3 pg, 2018-07-06: Thanks
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-07-04: -Stars dziala dobrze
S-3 finn, 2018-07-04: hello i have got a iptv packages from you,but i can`t get it to work.My mac adrs is :00:09:34:40:53:0F
S-3 PavelNovak, 2018-07-03: Still hickups on CZ/SK audio tracks.. and some video loops
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-07-03: dziala dobrze
S-3 pao13_1976, 2018-06-29: *
S-3 slk350amg, 2018-06-28: nice Service
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-06-28: work fine
S-3 trombski, 2018-06-26: Super
S-3 onion, 2018-06-25: Works very well!
S-3 Jdall1234, 2018-06-24: Great!!!
S-3 pipikos, 2018-06-23: All ok Thanks
S-3 djfrosty, 2018-06-23: Works great :-)
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-06-21: -Stars work fine
S-3 jamesb, 2018-06-19: superb!!!
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-06-18: -Stars funktioniert gut
S-3 ndoumouras, 2018-06-16: -Stars ok
S-3 ndoumouras, 2018-06-16: Thanks
S-3 male, 2018-06-14: Good
S-3 monne, 2018-06-14: Works fine
S-3 lalakis, 2018-06-11: Server 3 is OK
S-3 scotty, 2018-06-06: ok
S-3 PavelNovak, 2018-06-05: Good Service, but seems not much reported problems on Czech channels was addressed. (I noticed just fixing National Geographic audio track, but on other hand National Geographic Wild changed audio track from Czech to English)
S-3 iliasg, 2018-06-05: -Stars the best
S-3 pecosan, 2018-06-04: god service keep it up :D
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-06-04: -Stars dziala dobrze ,a z aplikacja http://iptvextreme.eu jest tez EPG
S-3 t.sin, 2018-05-30: Very good service and quality
S-3 Kuukkeli, 2018-05-30: Works well !
S-3 trombski, 2018-05-27: Ok
S-3 CANALDIGITAL, 2018-05-25: Very good!
S-3 lambihenri, 2018-05-24: good
S-3 scali, 2018-05-22: -Stars Great
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-05-22: -Stars dziala bardzo dobrze
S-3 jamesb, 2018-05-21: Great service
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-05-19: -Stars dziala dobrze
S-3 jane777, 2018-05-18: perfect quality!!!
S-3 monne, 2018-05-15: Works greta on my Dreambox
S-3 moonsoda, 2018-05-14: still no nova sports
S-3 Hank13, 2018-05-13: SUPERB!!
S-3 randommacguy, 2018-05-10:
S-3 ndoumouras, 2018-05-09: Thanks
S-3 ndoumouras, 2018-05-09: -Stars Thanks
S-3 pao13_1976, 2018-05-08: ** novasports not avtivated
S-3 Jocke, 2018-05-08: GREAT
S-3 pg, 2018-05-07: Great.
S-3 zedpub27, 2018-05-04: ok
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-05-03: -Stars dziala dobrze
S-3 mihoo, 2018-04-30: thanks work fine
S-3 merobatis, 2018-04-30: Excellent baut Nova Sport Gr not active
S-3 secretthings, 2018-04-27: -Stars Thx
S-3 trombski, 2018-04-27: Super
S-3 artvdm, 2018-04-27: super
S-3 PARNASSOS, 2018-04-24: Send message before expiration please
S-3 patsana, 2018-04-24: Excellent
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-04-22: -Stars funktioniert gut
S-3 jamesb, 2018-04-21: 5 stars
S-3 djfrosty, 2018-04-21: Works great.
S-3 Jdall1234, 2018-04-20: Great THANKS
S-3 scyzor.maria, 2018-04-19: -Stars funkcjonuje dobrze
S-3 jane777, 2018-04-17: -Stars perfect
S-3 moonsoda, 2018-04-15: -Stars Nova still not working
S-3 StergiosGaita, 2018-04-14: very good quality of service
S-3 danevig, 2018-04-13: -Stars Need to renew this
S-3 jane777, 2018-04-12: -Stars super
S-3 jane777, 2018-04-12: -Stars great!!!
S-3 tsekandreas, 2018-04-12: The package have no nova channels
S-3 scali, 2018-04-12: -Stars Super
S-3 randommacguy, 2018-04-09:
S-3 Toduc, 2018-04-09: Great
S-3 kostas1, 2018-04-08: all good
S-3 antkol, 2018-04-07: perfect
S-3 antkol, 2018-04-05: i dont have servise in tv extreme.
S-3 kostas1, 2018-04-05: very well
S-3 pg, 2018-04-04: All live channels are great. From the VOD library not all titles play on MAG254 (video missing, sound OK) which might be due to codec not supported on the MAG254.
S-3 kostas1, 2018-04-04: all normally
S-3 antkol, 2018-04-03: very good
S-3 iliasg, 2018-04-01: AAA
S-3 antkol, 2018-03-31: nice
S-3 antkol, 2018-03-30: good
S-3 artvdm, 2018-03-29: ok
S-3 t.sin, 2018-03-29: Overall experience is very good. But for the last two days the server stopped working even though the status is "activated". Other than that, very positive.
S-3 asus1980, 2018-03-29: Very stable service, many thanks!
S-3 dimitrk, 2018-03-28: Excellent!!
S-3 Dasop, 2018-03-28: Very good speed! Some channels are messed up (different name or different country) but just fine!!!
S-3 pipikos, 2018-03-27: All ok
S-3 mosxo1, 2018-03-26: work normally
S-3 marksorina, 2018-03-24: best server
S-3 pambos888, 2018-03-24: All nice
S-3 Jdall1234, 2018-03-24: Great
S-3 Jdall1234, 2018-03-24: Great
S-3 patsana, 2018-03-23: the best
S-3 PARNASSOS, 2018-03-23: Good
S-3 elouvitsa, 2018-03-23: Perfect
S-3 apollonara, 2018-03-20: Great
S-3 pinkykaras, 2018-03-20: nice iptv
S-3 monne, 2018-03-17: Smooth installation, works fine, some channels do lag
S-3 ndoumouras, 2018-03-15: some greek channel problems
S-3 moonsoda, 2018-03-15: No Novasports yet so that makes it expensive for Greece. Otherwise is fine
S-3 hooykfopeef, 2018-03-15: all good
S-3 male, 2018-03-14: OK very good
S-3 dimath, 2018-03-14: Many problems watching Novachannels and cosmote tv
S-3 StergiosGaita, 2018-03-13: very good quality!
S-3 tsekandreas, 2018-03-13: I have some problems with GR Novachannels
S-3 jane777, 2018-03-11: AAA
S-3 Boongo, 2018-03-11: Works great..just what i need...can you get more channels on Romania?ex Telekom sport 3, 4,Animal planet and more discovery
S-3 almanachmusic22, 2018-03-10: Great
S-3 asus1980, 2018-03-09: Very stable and quality is very good too.
S-3 punos, 2018-03-09: nice thanks
S-3 pappikos, 2018-03-07: please have a dreambox 820 and I do not know how to put the link to play sorry i do not speak english
S-3 portwolf, 2018-03-06: Good cooperation!
S-3 Stavrosnastos1985, 2018-03-06: great service
S-3 kostas1, 2018-03-05: everything is very good
S-3 lambihenri, 2018-03-04: Very good
S-3 mmister, 2018-03-03: i watch uk channels. everything works perfectly.
S-3 pavml, 2018-03-02: good
S-3 elmago3, 2018-03-01: Great service. keep it up guys
S-3 Kuukkeli, 2018-03-01: Works well. I would like to have the Finnish language subtitles for Cmore and Viasat movie channels.
S-3 vasilis1730, 2018-03-01: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!
S-3 jamesb, 2018-02-28: -Stars best service !!!!
S-3 pipikos, 2018-02-26: All ok. Works ok
S-3 iliasg, 2018-02-26: AAA
S-3 ntouraki, 2018-02-26: WORKS VERY GOOD,VERY SATISFIED....
S-3 cuberevo, 2018-02-26: Good
S-3 chrismath, 2018-02-25: Perfect
S-3 Hank13, 2018-02-24: Great Job!
S-3 scali, 2018-02-23: Great!
S-3 today2011, 2018-02-23: very good
S-3 kostas1, 2018-02-22: -Stars works very well
S-3 kostas1, 2018-02-22: it has a problem not loading the channels
S-3 t.sin, 2018-02-20: good job!
S-3 tjlockett, 2018-02-20: so far so good, i have a new Mag322 box so struggling with set up a bit
S-3 rhis, 2018-02-20: Only problem is that m3u list is different if I use download or use the direct link. Or well only found out in Adult VOD section. Viasat Motor HD was showing something different also sometimes. Want to know the price for the extra line if I want to look on one channel and record another channel. In all I am satisfied with the service!! I might go for IpTV for 3 or 4 boxes. //Rhis
S-3 giorgosk, 2018-02-20: πολυ καλα δρν δουλευουν τα n/cinema
S-3 xristakis, 2018-02-19: Great
S-3 dps1979, 2018-02-16: very good but some channels stopped: eg Old movies greek 1,2,3
S-3 Freddie747, 2018-02-16: Almost unusable! I have fiber internet 100Mb/sec but it keeps buffering the whole time. I have tried different clients but with the same result. Too bad! I was hoping that this would work.
S-3 moonsoda, 2018-02-14: no channels from Greek Nova but overall working for the rest
S-3 scyzor.maria, : dziala dobrze
S-3 bravogt, : Super
S-3 mihoo, :
S-3 ndoumouras, :
S-3 dps1979, : good
S-3 fm102, :
S-3 xristakis, : Great
S-3 xyliatos, :
S-3 cukari, :
S-3 pefovardas, : nice
S-3 moondog, : good work. keep going
S-3 sv1atag, : good
S-3 papichulo911, :
S-3 Pikos, :
S-3 apollonara, : Very Good
S-3 pyrokar1987, :
S-3 Andreykoff, :
S-3 giorgosk, :
S-3 simvid13, : Very good!
S-3 aividz, : awesome, worked fine, thanks
S-3 dojodub, : great service
S-3 radimkocab, :
S-3 costas1961, : Greek channels, sometimes, confused-mixed up.
S-3 bl0m1, : Works like a sharm, nothing to complain about!
S-3 artvdm, :
S-3 janzaaa, : ok
S-3 PARNASSOS, : i love
S-3 danevig, : send to galegeder@gmail.com - tks
S-3 Stavrosnastos1985, : great
S-3 Jdall1234, : Five Stars
S-3 evlampios45, : ok
S-3 hooykfopeef, :
S-3 tajen61, : Great
S-3 AdaHickey, : All OK
S-3 PavelNovak, : Some CZE channels are not play live content, hopefully it will be figured out in future :)
S-3 macevan, :
S-3 sv1atag, :
S-3 lalakis, : Server ok
S-3 male, : Very good
S-3 dps1979, : great
S-3 tobbelobbe, : Good stuff
S-3 izmailov03, : perfect
S-3 djgreg, :
S-3 pinkykaras, : Nice server
S-3 divisekp, : good
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S-3 patsana, : Fine
S-3 secretthings, : Super! Thx
S-3 merobatis, : Nice job !!!
S-3 pisti33, :
S-3 cukari, :
S-3 jamesb, :
S-3 rhis, : IPTV just perfekt!!
S-3 joyceanpaul, :
S-3 astor99, : Awesome quality!
S-3 secretthings, : Super ! THX
S-3 Pikos, :
S-3 dalton, : thanks
S-3 avalan, :
S-3 pappikos, :
S-3 Stenli78, :
S-3 macevan, : Good! Thank you!
S-3 hooykfopeef, :
S-3 ndoumouras, :
S-3 avalan, : ok
S-3 speedway80, :
S-3 apollonara, : Great
S-3 pinkykaras, : nice working
S-3 scali, : Super
S-3 radimkocab, :
S-3 Shadow013, : Thx it works Great
S-3 danevig, :
S-3 t.sin, : Great quality. Thanks a lot.
S-3 secretthings, : Thx
S-3 lalakiss, : top server
S-3 janci427, :
S-3 pyrokar1987, :
S-3 secretthings, : thx
S-3 scali, : Great!
S-3 jane777, : great service
S-3 zedpub27, : 4
S-3 tomzzza, : works great.
S-3 Nazgulcy, : thanks
S-3 iliasg, : best of the best
S-3 ndoumouras, : ok
S-3 zedpub27, :
S-3 scali, : Great
S-3 dr.Freak, : test ok!
S-3 Stenli78, :
S-3 jane777, : GREAT SERVICE
S-3 iliasg, : THE BEST
S-3 JAYDEETELECOM1, : Good Service and stable server. my experience is that some channels does not match the exact name when trying to switch to a particular channel of my choice
S-3 lambihenri, :
S-3 hooykfopeef, : ok
S-3 moonsoda, :
S-3 craiggates, : great
S-3 t.sin, : Good experience
S-3 artvdm, :
S-3 sdcbytbyt, : Good
S-3 tsaliaboy, : good
S-3 apollonara, : Great service
S-3 ex-yoko, :
S-3 tsaliaboy, : good
S-3 lalakis, : Server top
S-3 astor99, :
S-3 pappikos, :
S-3 tsaliaboy, : good
S-3 monne, : Impressing number of channels, easy to get started
S-3 macevan, : good service! thank you!
S-3 ndoumouras, : Thanks
S-3 ndoumouras, : Thanks
S-3 tsaliaboy, : good
S-3 pinkykaras, : Best server ever
S-3 craiggates, : spot on
S-3 t.sin, : Some of the channels some times do not play. Overall good experience though.
S-3 radimkocab, :
S-3 scyzor.maria, : dziala dobrze
S-3 aividz, : awesome
S-3 tajen61, :
S-3 ndoumouras, : thanks!!!!!!!!!!
S-3 ndoumouras, : Thanks!!!!!
S-3 djfrosty, :
S-3 jeppe55, :
S-3 finn, : 4
S-3 craiggates, : awesome
S-3 macevan, : good service! Thank You!
S-3 t.sin, : Good service and quality of channels. Not sure if Nova is playing though
S-3 stanno1, :
S-3 mardoka, : great
S-3 artvdm, :
S-3 speedway80, :
S-3 monne, : Works fine
S-3 pajatajna, :
S-3 craiggates, : awesome
S-3 stanno1, : Super
S-3 marksorina, : ottimo servizio
S-3 t.sin, : Some channels are not playing
S-3 Twind_Sharing, : Stable IP-TV server 3. Almost no hick-ups.
S-3 mardoka, : ok
S-3 ndoumouras, : Thanks
S-3 djfrosty, : test needed :-)
S-3 trombski, : Super
S-3 HvD_Schmutz, : Works proper on LG-TV
S-3 aaget, : THe best there is
S-3 t.sin, : Channels play on different channels than that they are supposed to
S-3 svenson, :
S-3 jamesb, : 5 STARS
S-3 dalton, : Excellent
S-3 zedpub27, :
S-3 zedpub27, : Hello, I want to use 4€ from my balance for 7 days. Thanks.
S-3 radimkocab, :

VIP-Extra IPTV/OTT (Server-3)

Vote for Quality IPTV Server-3!

5* - Perfect - 30 (65.22%)
4* - Good - 11 (23.91%)
3* - Not Bad - 3 (6.52%)
2* - Bad - 0 (0%)
1* - Poor - 2 (4.35%)

Total Votes: 46

Hi, Guest! You are not-registered User!
Please, log-in to site or finish registration!

4 January 2018 16:57 | Registered | | User Offline


4 January 2018 17:03 | Administrator | | User Offline

for such "comments" will be BAN!!! and pls do not surprice...



8 January 2018 09:41 | Deleted | |

hello, can I test new IPTV before to buy?

8 January 2018 15:27 | Administrator | | User Offline

and WHAT about open eyes on left menu - IPTV/OTT Free Test.........

8 January 2018 16:16 | Registered | | User Offline

If I want to try for test IPTV then I receive this message:
HASH NOT OK! SMTH WENT WRONG! Please try again!

12 January 2018 08:15 | Administrator | | User Offline

just check now... hash is updated on scripts.

14 January 2018 08:48 | Registered | | User Offline

IPTV test please

14 January 2018 08:59 | Administrator | | User Offline

JOKE??? again users CAN NOT OPEN EYES?????
what about left menu - IPTV/OTT Free Test??? Can u see this link???

14 January 2018 12:28 | Registered | | User Offline

I can not take the test The second window does not go below the inscription yes no

14 January 2018 13:03 | Administrator | | User Offline

test-users limit reached! pls try later.
anyway we plan make reclam-letter today and rice limit up to 10-15 users...

p.s. CHECK NOW!!! we rised limit up to 10!!!



15 January 2018 17:39 | Deleted | |

Dr.Freak can you upload more uk tv series (i.e. Longmire) please and more quality uk movies (at least 720p)?

26 January 2018 19:37 | Administrator | | User Offline

1. More Scandinavian Channels added on IPTV Server-3 :
2. Just small info about channels users watching - https://yadi.sk/i/zXX2t1XQ3RpVdV?ncrnd=2576

to Ms
Added more UK-VOD please check: http://tv-share.com/IPTV/Server_3/changelog.php?date=20170124_1749

3 February 2018 03:37 | Registered | | User Offline

How come all the channels to watch games live for hockey and basketball and football and baseball are all gone ? There was channels like USA | NHL 1 HD (During the Match)
USA | NHL 2 HD (During the Match)
USA | NHL 3 HD (During the Match)
USA | NHL 4 HD (During the Match)
USA | NHL 5 HD (During the Match)
USA | NHL 6 HD (During the Match)
USA | NHL 7 HD (During the Match)
USA | NHL 8 HD (During the Match)
USA | NHL 9 HD (During the Match)
USA | NHL 10 HD (During the Match)
USA | NHL 11 HD (During the Match)
USA | NHL 12 HD (During the Match)
USA | NHL 13 HD (During the Match)

All gone now, can you please advise and thank you

3 February 2018 10:49 | Administrator | | User Offline

we keep the right to change our playlist!
now: NHL Network FHD US , NHL Network US, NHL Network HD VIP US on server-1

3 February 2018 14:55 | Registered | | User Offline

Hi no not those channels, the NHL channels where you can watch all the games live ? Like NHL1, NHL2, NHL3, NHL4 and so on. Are those now on server 1 ? They are on the list of server 3 if you check the channel list, they are suppose to be there but they are not ? Please let me know as I reall like watching those live games. Thank you

4 February 2018 18:59 | Registered | | User Offline

Hi! Add channels IPTV: Abu Dhabi Sports 3 HD, Abu Dhabi Sports 5 HD, Abu Dhabi Sports 6 HD and Supersport 3, 4, 7 Africa - server 3. Thank you!

11 February 2018 20:25 | Registered | | User Offline

I have activated the free IPTV test. Where do I get a m3u file?

11 February 2018 20:35 | Administrator | | User Offline

IF user can not open eyes for menu....

11 February 2018 20:40 | Registered | | User Offline

Yesterday I tried the free IPTV test for Server-3 and although many channels in the list are accurate there's a bunch that is not, for example, claiming to be Full HD (1080p) but in actuality is HD (720p) or even SD (576p). Following is a list of issues for the Sweden and UK channel lists. There may be more errors/duplicate channels/etc. than what I've listed. As I'm mainly interested in Full HD content, I hope you can fix these channels, but if not you should probably remove or rename them.

List of issues (Sweden and UK lists): https://pastebin.com/UyX7TNA0

11 February 2018 20:44 | Administrator | | User Offline

asap i will make small script - to allow users write such claims - to make our work easy to fix this bugs.

12 February 2018 13:33 | Registered | | User Offline


I tried the test and I am very pleased with the picture quality and the sound

I do not know if I did the wrong server but I would like to tell me which server it could have

Full Pack Nova and Cosmote for Greece to see all the channels


18 February 2018 23:38 | Registered | | User Offline

Thank you ever so much. I’ve been looking for UK tv channels via OTT for years. And now my long lasting dream came true. I have 3 Mb connection and I experience no problems. wink

19 February 2018 06:01 | Administrator | | User Offline

to carinio
think - server-3 best for you!
to mmister
welcome! you are on right site! here - full UK channels pack with HD etc.!

to Freddie747 (1star feedback) - checked your connections... all seems ok:
Kanal 5 FHD SE 6h 30m 22s
Kanal 5 SE 51m 16s
TV6 HD SE 34m 52s
Blacked FHD (18+) 24m 10s
SVT1 HD SE 21m 52s
Viasat Film Hits HD SE 16m 30s
SVT 2 HD SE 9m 40s
SVT1 SE 8m 13s
C More First FHD SE 3m 58s
C More Golf HD SE 3m 39s
C More Stars HD SE 3m 39s
Viasat Sport HD (B) SE 3m 30s
C More Hits FHD SE 2m 14s
Eurosport 2 FHD SE 2m 10s
C More First HD SE 2m 5s

19 February 2018 11:26 | Registered | | User Offline

I tested with my enigma2 device and i had a lot of freezing. I will buy trial today and test it with simple iptv app on samsung tv.

24 February 2018 17:15 | Administrator | | User Offline

is it COMMENT????????????
Use PM if have any problem!!!!!!!!!

1 March 2018 09:38 | Registered | | User Offline

CZ/SK Report from 1.3.2018:
Comparing to server1, server3 is propably better for CZ/SK people (for now), as it has some more channels working (CT1, CT2, CT24, AXN White/Black CZ, NOVA HD CZ, Cinemax, CS Film), and also O2 Sport HD CZ is working on Server3, and not on Server1.

Some channels needs little fixing/managing, but dr.Freak already knows about it, and is writing script to report specific channels for specific mistakes, currently:

6 March 2018 21:19 | Registered | | User Offline

Cant find buy button!

7 March 2018 08:12 | Administrator | | User Offline

:) joke????
really CAN NOT SEE button PLACE ORDERING...????????
in this case you can not use our service!

8 March 2018 07:57 | Registered | | User Offline

I tried test for 1 day for server 3 channels and thank God worked all perfectly except novasports channels... I'll buy a month but please fix them because i need to watch greek soccer... thnx

19 March 2018 16:26 | Registered | | User Offline

I was satisfied,but I am trying server 1. I think it will suit me more. I am buying for sure. :) Keep up the good work.
Minden rendben kivéve hogy a Hungary részlegben néhány csatorna nem magyar nyelvű,de láttam hogy már jelezték,mindazonáltal érdekel a cucc,befizetek,csak még tesztelem az 1. szervert,szerintem annak jobban megfelel a kínálata.

19 March 2018 21:30 | Registered | | User Offline

So far this is the best....
Néztem párat ez a legjobb sportfanoknak kötelező...

21 March 2018 22:13 | Registered | | User Offline

I'm looking for the best channel quality: FHD and bit rate kb / s, voting for 3 channels

22 March 2018 03:33 | Registered | | User Offline

super server 3

30 March 2018 21:31 | Registered | | User Offline

It is GOOD server ,only the Greek NOVA sport channels are not working .

31 March 2018 11:17 | Admin IPTV Server-2 | | User Offline

To: elsiamis

Attentively study your playlist,
NOVA sport channels are available separately from remaining Greek channels in a sector the VIP.
Pay attention that they are unavailable in all the test packets!

25 April 2018 10:20 | Registered | | User Offline

haloo HAVE YOU OLSO Azerbaican tv?

27 April 2018 07:04 | Administrator | | User Offline

all channels/packs - IN LIST!!!
dont need ask it!

6 May 2018 12:34 | Registered | | User Offline

very good service.

27 May 2018 11:06 | Registered | | User Offline

for mobil, tablet perfect



9 June 2018 10:22 | Registered | | User Offline

How do I renew?

13 June 2018 13:03 | Registered | | User Offline

Hi Dr freak! Could you add in Greek channels "fine living" ? Thanks in advance!

24 June 2018 09:32 | Registered | | User Offline

Some channels doesn't match the name of the channels i see or when i try switching to other channels

28 June 2018 15:17 | Registered | | User Offline

Nice service



29 June 2018 06:39 | Deleted | |

All the channels of IPTV are working perfectly, great service

Thanks! a lot.

29 August 2018 06:58 | Administrator | | User Offline

Guys, ThX for your feedbacks!!!

2 bravogt:
pls check IPTV server-2! - our NEW server.



6 September 2018 08:07 | Registered | | User Offline

Thank you, renewing again

11 November 2018 22:41 | Registered | | User Offline

Worked perfect with KODI m3u on server-3!
Viasat Motor HD was excellent.
Thanks / Falcon_68

12 November 2018 00:13 | Registered | | User Offline

very good services but sometimes the screen image freezes, some days it does not work.

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