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    Important on CardSharing-Servers:

Some Packs on Server-5 is closed/renamed... eg. VIP-Europe - same as VIP-ALL!

We have added new version of emulator MgCamd 1.45c (Mips) with SkyDe support.
You can download it here- https://yadi.sk/d/B4gI5FwRIm82tQ

SkyDE provider made changes on some channels. Right now those channels are working only in MgCamd 1.45c or OSCAM emulator (cccam or newcamd protocol).
For Oscam it is important to add into file oscam.server to [reader] section new parameter - disablecrccws = 1

Dear clients, as was already mentioned in the news dated September 18, 2018, Viasat provider has launched protection of almost all channels available in the package.
Currently, roughly 20 channels such as TV1000 Action East FSS, Viasat Nature East FSS, Viasat History FSS, Explorer/Spice FSS and some others are working. As soon as protection hack solution appears, it will be added to the server.

On Servers-4,5 Can use any protocol with 2 c-lines! 1st: main, 2nd: backup with DDDos security. So, in normal mode 1st line only should be active!
On Server-3 Can use any protocol with 1 c-line with DDDos protection!
About different prices on Servers HERE!

    Important on IPTV Server-1:
Now active users on IPTV-Server-1 can arrange all settings from dashboard! Please check settings-page to get link to dashboard!

All problems with xtream panel on server-1 solved!

    Important on IPTV Server-3:
2019-09-19 IMPORTANT!!!
Attention Please!!!
Dear All Users! Please be aware there is a problem with all IPTV providers and we are also facing the same problem as we are all using once script for controlling the service, and the company who provided this script Xtream is sized by Europe Police.
So until we find a solution to get back in normal operation we need your patient.
STAY SAFE! Thanks Best regards Head of Team
More info about this problem: https://torrentfreak.com/xtream-codes-iptv-system-targeted-in-massive-police-operation/

Sorry, Free Test on Server-3 Now NOT ACTIVE!!!

VIP-Combo (Servers 3-3)

8-10-2018, 07:27 Category: IPTV/OTT Portal / Cardsharing Portal From: dr.Freak Views: 17916 Comments: 5
  • 80
Cardsharing       VIP-Combo (Servers 3-3)
    VIP-Combo (Servers 3-3)
on Cardsharing Server-3, IPTV Server-3

Combo-Pack. Cardsharing from Server-3 + IPTV from Server-3!

1. If you use MAG-STB or Enigma-Xtream plugin - you should provide us MAC-address (will be registered on our Server!) 
2. Settings for All Devices without registered MAC-address 
( GigaBlue, Enigma 2 OE 1.6, DreamBox OE 2.0, m3u, Simple List, Octagon, Starlive v3/StarSat HD6060/AZclass, MediaStar / StarLive v4, Enigma 2 OE 1.6 Auto Script, WebTV List, Octagon Auto Script, Ariva, Spark, Geant/Starsat/Tiger/Qmax/Hyper/Royal, Fortec999/Prifix9400/Starport, Revolution 60/60 | Sunplus, Zorro, etc.)

You will get settings for devices: 
type=gigablue output=m3u8 HLS
type=gigablue output=ts MPEGTS
type=gigablue output=rtmp RTMP
Enigma 2 OE 1.6
type=enigma16 output=m3u8 HLS
type=enigma16 output=ts MPEGTS
type=enigma16 output=rtmp RTMP
DreamBox OE 2.0
type=dreambox output=m3u8 HLS
type=dreambox output=ts MPEGTS
type=dreambox output=rtmp RTMP
type=m3u output=m3u8 HLS
type=m3u output=ts MPEGTS
type=m3u output=rtmp RTMP
Simple List
type=simple output=m3u8 HLS
type=simple output=ts MPEGTS
type=simple output=rtmp RTMP
type=octagon output=m3u8 HLS
type=octagon output=ts MPEGTS
type=octagon output=rtmp RTMP
Starlive v3/StarSat HD6060/AZclass
type=starlivev3 output=m3u8 HLS
type=starlivev3 output=ts MPEGTS
type=starlivev3 output=rtmp RTMP
MediaStar / StarLive v4
type=mediastar output=m3u8 HLS
type=mediastar output=ts MPEGTS
type=mediastar output=rtmp RTMP
Enigma 2 OE 1.6 Auto Script
MPEGTS Default
Enigma 2 OE 2.0 Auto Script
MPEGTS Default
m3u With Options
type=m3u_plus output=m3u8 HLS
type=m3u_plus output=ts MPEGTS
type=m3u_plus output=rtmp RTMP
StarLive v5
type=starlivev5 output=m3u8 HLS
type=starlivev5 output=ts MPEGTS
type=starlivev5 output=rtmp RTMP
WebTV List
type=webtvlist output=m3u8 HLS
type=webtvlist output=ts MPEGTS
type=webtvlist output=rtmp RTMP
Octagon Auto Script
MPEGTS Default
type=ariva output=m3u8 HLS
type=ariva output=ts MPEGTS
type=ariva output=rtmp RTMP
type=spark output=m3u8 HLS
type=spark output=ts MPEGTS
type=spark output=rtmp RTMP
type=gst output=m3u8 HLS
type=gst output=ts MPEGTS
type=gst output=rtmp RTMP
type=fps output=m3u8 HLS
type=fps output=ts MPEGTS
type=fps output=rtmp RTMP
Revolution 60/60 | Sunplus
type=revosun output=m3u8 HLS
type=revosun output=ts MPEGTS
type=revosun output=rtmp RTMP
type=zorro output=m3u8 HLS
type=zorro output=ts MPEGTS
type=zorro output=rtmp RTMP

    Active Cardsharing-Packages on Server-3:
CardSharing Bulsatcom on Hellas Sat 2 CardSharing

CardSharing Digi on Thor 6 & Intelsat 10-02 CardSharing
With HD channels!
Hungarian, Romanian, partly Czech, Slovak
CardSharing Movistar+ on Astra 1KR/1L/1M CardSharing
Digital+ Spanish
CardSharing HD+ on Astra 1KR/1L/1N CardSharing
Full package with HD!!!
CardSharing NC+ on Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C CardSharing
Full package with HD! No ppv! Cyfra+
CardSharing Cyfrowy Polsat on Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B/13C CardSharing
Cyfrowy Polsat
Full package with HD!!!
CardSharing RTVi on Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B/13C/13E CardSharing
RTV International Europe, Detski Mir, TeleKlub, Nashe Lubimoe Kino.
CardSharing SRG SSR on Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B/13C CardSharing
Full package with HD!
CardSharing Sky Deutschland on Astra 1KR/1L/1M/1N CardSharing
Sky Deutschland
Full package with HD!!!
CardSharing TivuSat on Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B/13C/13E CardSharing

CardSharing UPC Direct on Thor 5/6 CardSharing
UPC Direct
Full Package with HD Channels!
Hungarian, Romanian
CardSharing Telekarta on Horizons 2 & Intelsat 15 CardSharing
Full package with HD! prev. Kontinent HD package!
CardSharing NTV Plus Vostok on Express AT1 CardSharing
NTV Plus Vostok
Full package with HD!
CardSharing SES Ukraine on Astra 4A CardSharing
SES Ukraine
NTV Mir, Dozhd, Futbol, TRK+
CardSharing Sky UK on Astra 2E/2F/2G CardSharing
Sky UK
SD Channels Only! No HD!!!
CardSharing Xtra TV on Astra 4A & SES 5 CardSharing
Xtra TV
TV 1000 Premium HD, TV 1000 Megahit HD, etc.
CardSharing SkyLink on Astra 3B CardSharing
Full package with HD!!!
CardSharing NTV Plus on Eutelsat 36B & Express AMU1 CardSharing
NTV Plus
Full package with HD! MPEG 2, MPEG 4! with CAIDs: 040620, 060A00 (all OK!).
CardSharing TV Vlaanderen Digitaal on Astra 3B CardSharing
TV Vlaanderen Digitaal
Full package with HD! On 23E and 19E.
CardSharing TV Vlaanderen Digitaal on Astra 1L CardSharing
TV Vlaanderen Digitaal

CardSharing ORF Digital on Astra 1KR/1L/1N CardSharing
ORF Digital
Full package with HD!!!
CardSharing Focus Sat on Thor 6 CardSharing
Focus Sat

CardSharing Viacom Media Networks on Astra 1M CardSharing
Viacom Media Networks
MTV Networks, VH1, Nickeledeon, etc.
CardSharing Porno Pack on Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B/13C/13E CardSharing
Porno Pack

PRIVATE TV - 11662V-27500-3/4 Redlight HD - 11662V-27500-3/4 BRAZZERS TV Europe - 10949V-27500-3/4 Dorcel TV HD - 10930H-30000-2/3 XXL - 12692H-27500-3/4 XXL PL - 12692H-27500-3/4 VIVID RED HD - 11662V-27500-3/4 PASSION TV - 11642H-27500-3/4 PINKO TV - 11642H-27500-3/4 Penthouse HD - 11373H-27500-3/4 Penthouse Black - 10930H-30000-2/3 Penthouse 2 - 10930H-30000-2/3 SESTO SENSO ITALIA - 11642H-27500-3/4 SCT - 10930H-30000-2/3 Hustler HD - 10930H-30000-2/3
CardSharing Viasat Ukraina  on Astra 4A CardSharing
Viasat Ukraina

Price on Server-3: 15.00,-€/Month     Place Ordering for VIP_Combo_3-3 on Server-3!

Notes Server-3:

1. We can not change orderings from one server to other after buying any!
2. We can not change eg. from M3U to MAG or Enigma after buying any pack!
3. If bad MAC-Address was given to us we can change it only ONCE! (PM to Admin)
4. Why different prices for diff. servers?- HERE!

Last Feedbacks about Pack VIP_Combo_3-3:
S-3 rhis, 2018-04-30: OK on IPTV!!! but on card sharing Viasat have some problems "IE Estonian Viasat Motor that is". All other OK!!
S-3 rhis, 2018-06-03: OK!!
S-3 Robbski, 2018-06-06: Good
S-3 rhis, 2018-07-03: Server 3 not perfect on Viasat thought... Server 5 is good!!
S-3 Robbski, 2018-09-16: Good
S-3 scotty, 2018-10-08: ok
S-3 markwm, 2018-04-02: this is very very good 5 points
S-3 markwm, 2018-05-04: 5 points
S-3 markwm, 2019-04-07: 5 points very good
S-3 miriunas, 2018-03-02: Very nice
S-3 Hakkeboy, 2018-10-26: Good
S-3 scotty, 2018-06-14: top
S-3 scotty, 2018-09-25: v

Hi, Guest! You are not-registered User!
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2 March 2018 16:59 | Registered | | User Offline

with the mac address working 2 lines to VIP-Combo (Servers 3-3)

7 March 2018 20:59 | Registered | | User Offline

could you please check CZ Eurosport 1 HD channel? There is some strange athletic loop instead of online channel streaming?


1 August 2018 20:45 | Registered | | User Offline

The Spíler tv (Hungary) is not working.
"Stream not found."
This channel is very important for me.

11 January 2019 17:51 | Registered | | User Offline

Cardsharing part not working at all.Tried several softcams with same result.Only ip-tv working.

10 July 2019 13:14 | Registered | | User Offline

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