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  • VIP-Extra IPTV/OTT (Server-1)

    5-10-2019, 07:42 Category: IPTV/OTT Portal From: dr.Freak Views: 51413 Comments: 65
    • 60
    Cardsharing       VIP-Extra IPTV/OTT  (Server-1)
        VIP-Extra IPTV/OTT (Server-1)
    on Enigma2, any Windows Player, Android, Smart TV, m3u



    26972 Total Channels found on Server 1

    A1 TV, Afghanistan, Africa, Africa VIP, Albania, Arab Countries, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, ex-Yu, ex-Yu VIP, Finland, For Adults, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, India VIP, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italia, Japan, Korea, Kurdistan, Latin America, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Netherland, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United Kingdom VIP, United States, United States VIP, Viet Nam, VIP, VIP Sports, VOD Albania, VOD Denmark, VOD EX-YU, VOD France, VOD Germany, VOD Germany Kids HD, VOD IMDB TOP250, VOD India, VOD Italia, VOD Multi-Subtitles, VOD Norway, VOD Poland, VOD Portuguese, VOD Russian, VOD Swedish, Vod Swedish Kids, VOD Turkey, VOD Turkey Series: Söz, VOD United Kingdom, VOD XXX, VOD: Spain


    SD, HD & FHD Channels!

     26972 Total Channels found on Server 1

    +50 Countries!

    +1000 VOD

    Android, PC, Smart TV, M3U, MAG, Enigma2, etc. Support! ANY device supported!


    1-day TEST ACTIVE for 0.5,-EUR!!!  (free test from HERE!)
    7-days TEST ACTIVE for 4.00,-EUR!!!

    You will get settings for devices: 
    type=gigablue output=m3u8 HLS
    type=gigablue output=ts MPEGTS
    type=gigablue output=rtmp RTMP
    Enigma 2 OE 1.6
    type=enigma16 output=m3u8 HLS
    type=enigma16 output=ts MPEGTS
    type=enigma16 output=rtmp RTMP
    DreamBox OE 2.0
    type=dreambox output=m3u8 HLS
    type=dreambox output=ts MPEGTS
    type=dreambox output=rtmp RTMP
    type=m3u output=m3u8 HLS
    type=m3u output=ts MPEGTS
    type=m3u output=rtmp RTMP
    Simple List
    type=simple output=m3u8 HLS
    type=simple output=ts MPEGTS
    type=simple output=rtmp RTMP
    type=octagon output=m3u8 HLS
    type=octagon output=ts MPEGTS
    type=octagon output=rtmp RTMP
    Starlive v3/StarSat HD6060/AZclass
    type=starlivev3 output=m3u8 HLS
    type=starlivev3 output=ts MPEGTS
    type=starlivev3 output=rtmp RTMP
    MediaStar / StarLive v4
    type=mediastar output=m3u8 HLS
    type=mediastar output=ts MPEGTS
    type=mediastar output=rtmp RTMP
    Enigma 2 OE 1.6 Auto Script
    MPEGTS Default
    Enigma 2 OE 2.0 Auto Script
    MPEGTS Default
    m3u With Options
    type=m3u_plus output=m3u8 HLS
    type=m3u_plus output=ts MPEGTS
    type=m3u_plus output=rtmp RTMP
    StarLive v5
    type=starlivev5 output=m3u8 HLS
    type=starlivev5 output=ts MPEGTS
    type=starlivev5 output=rtmp RTMP
    WebTV List
    type=webtvlist output=m3u8 HLS
    type=webtvlist output=ts MPEGTS
    type=webtvlist output=rtmp RTMP
    Octagon Auto Script
    MPEGTS Default
    type=ariva output=m3u8 HLS
    type=ariva output=ts MPEGTS
    type=ariva output=rtmp RTMP
    type=spark output=m3u8 HLS
    type=spark output=ts MPEGTS
    type=spark output=rtmp RTMP
    type=gst output=m3u8 HLS
    type=gst output=ts MPEGTS
    type=gst output=rtmp RTMP
    type=fps output=m3u8 HLS
    type=fps output=ts MPEGTS
    type=fps output=rtmp RTMP
    Revolution 60/60 | Sunplus
    type=revosun output=m3u8 HLS
    type=revosun output=ts MPEGTS
    type=revosun output=rtmp RTMP
    type=zorro output=m3u8 HLS
    type=zorro output=ts MPEGTS
    type=zorro output=rtmp RTMP

        Active Cardsharing-Packages on Server-1:

    Price on Server-1: 10.00,-€/Month     Place Ordering for IPTV_VIP_ALL_S1 on Server-1!

    Notes Server-1:
    Afghanistan, Africa, Africa VIP, Arab Countries, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, ex-Yu, ex-Yu VIP, Finland, For Adults, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italia, Japan, Korea, Kurdistan, Latin America, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Netherland, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United Kingdom VIP, United States, United States VIP, Viet Nam, VIP, VIP Sports, VOD Denmark, VOD EX-YU, VOD France, VOD Germany, VOD Germany Kids HD, VOD IMDB TOP250, VOD India, VOD Italia, VOD Multi-Subtitles, VOD Norway, VOD Poland, VOD Swedish, Vod Swedish Kids, VOD Turkey, VOD Turkey Series: Söz, VOD United Kingdom, VOD XXX, VOD: Spain

    1. We can not change orderings from one server to other after buying any!
    2. We can not change eg. from M3U to MAG or Enigma after buying any pack!
    3. If bad MAC-Address was given to us we can change it only ONCE! (PM to Admin)

    Last Feedbacks about Pack IPTV_VIP_ALL_S1:
    S-1 tiborbodor, 2019-12-02: ,
    S-1 grzegorz, 2019-11-24: super
    S-1 torun64, 2019-11-19: epg probleme
    S-1 dixxon, 2019-11-16: ok
    S-1 aividz, 2019-11-10: Thanks
    S-1 kokomo, 2019-10-28: Renew
    S-1 dzero, 2019-10-18: works gut, IPTV is the future
    S-1 markwm, 2019-10-18: 5 points
    S-1 markwm, 2019-10-18: five points
    S-1 ongbaq, 2019-10-17: freezing
    S-1 markwm, 2019-10-16: 5 stars very good
    S-1 ongbaq, 2019-10-12: German channells freezes
    S-1 ongbaq, 2019-10-12: freezes
    S-1 ongbaq, 2019-10-12: sometimes freezes but ok
    S-1 tritonas, 2019-10-09: frequent server overloads
    S-1 dzero, 2019-10-07: -Stars this works good
    S-1 docman, 2019-10-06: great!
    S-1 tiborbodor, 2019-10-04: -Stars .
    S-1 grzegorz, 2019-09-30: alle ok
    S-1 Gennarino69, 2019-09-20: Good quality, I am satisfied
    S-1 edzhins, 2019-09-17: 5 stars
    S-1 markwm, 2019-09-16: 5 points
    S-1 affilyon1, 2019-09-15: thx
    S-1 markwm, 2019-09-15: 5 points
    S-1 Larse, 2019-09-09: good
    S-1 q89, 2019-09-04: Thanks for a quality service!
    S-1 torun64, 2019-08-31: epg problem
    S-1 jensfup, 2019-08-29: super
    S-1 warewolf75, 2019-08-27: renew
    S-1 boanta01, 2019-08-13: OK
    S-1 bygdetrollet, 2019-08-12: Pretty stable
    S-1 gorodminsk, 2019-08-09: It realy works. No problems.
    S-1 Larse, 2019-08-08: works great
    S-1 stefank, 2019-08-05: All good!!!
    S-1 go-mez, 2019-08-04: ok
    S-1 jensfup, 2019-08-02: cool
    S-1 rhis, 2019-08-01: -Stars 5 stars
    S-1 dupla, 2019-08-01: ok
    S-1 markwm, 2019-07-29: 3points
    S-1 markwm, 2019-07-25: 5 points
    S-1 markwm, 2019-07-22: -Stars thanks 5points
    S-1 schjano, 2019-07-21: 5stars!
    S-1 stefank, 2019-07-07: !!!
    S-1 krist88, 2019-07-01: epg problemy
    S-1 dupla, 2019-06-30: ok
    S-1 slava.76, 2019-06-29: just to renew
    S-1 markwm, 2019-06-21: 5 points
    S-1 markwm, 2019-06-21: very very service 5 points
    S-1 Larse, 2019-06-14: works very good
    S-1 markwm, 2019-06-13: 5 points
    S-1 markwm, 2019-06-13: 5 points
    S-1 jensfup, 2019-06-10: super
    S-1 stefank, 2019-06-08: !!!
    S-1 vik284333, 2019-06-07: Super offer!
    S-1 dupla, 2019-06-03: ok
    S-1 slava.76, 2019-05-30: How can I renew?! Why wait to expire and than make new ordering ???? Wait for activation ????
    S-1 tiborbodor, 2019-05-24: -Stars .
    S-1 torun64, 2019-05-18: epg problem
    S-1 boanta01, 2019-05-15: Works perfect!
    S-1 Larse, 2019-05-14: excellent!
    S-1 stefank, 2019-05-09: !!!
    S-1 torun64, 2019-05-08: EPG NIE FUNKCJONUJE
    S-1 rhis, 2019-05-03: 5 stars
    S-1 ongbaq, 2019-05-02: very stable connetion
    S-1 ongbaq, 2019-05-02: very stable connetion
    S-1 anthony fish, 2019-04-30: mostly good many thanks
    S-1 dupla, 2019-04-30: Some channels are not hungarian.
    S-1 punos, 2019-04-29: Thanks,nice!
    S-1 lordhellstro, 2019-04-21: Works perfect
    S-1 z00m, 2019-04-19: good service ...5*
    S-1 q89, 2019-04-19: Best ever, 5 stars service
    S-1 tritonas, 2019-04-11: Service not working. tottaly disappointed. Tech support below zero.
    S-1 stefank, 2019-04-08: Good!!
    S-1 ipfen78, 2019-04-07: rockstars
    S-1 antkol, 2019-04-07: nice
    S-1 scyzor.maria, 2019-04-06: dziala dobrze
    S-1 rhis, 2019-04-04: Perfect
    S-1 dupla, 2019-04-03: OK
    S-1 tiborbodor, 2019-03-24: ,
    S-1 q89, 2019-03-19: Perfect
    S-1 affilyon1, 2019-03-19: great
    S-1 markwm, 2019-03-18: full points
    S-1 jensfup, 2019-03-16: super
    S-1 scyzor.maria, 2019-03-12: -Stars dziala dobrze
    S-1 markwm, 2019-03-11: very good iptv service 5 points
    S-1 docman, 2019-03-09: Please fix Cosmote sport chanels.Good job
    S-1 markwm, 2019-03-09: full 5 points
    S-1 dupla, 2019-03-05: ok
    S-1 anthony fish, 2019-02-14: mostly good
    S-1 torun64, 2019-02-13: Hallo Seit 2 Tagen geht bei mir nicht mehr Kein iptv nicht Ust ihr Server aus oder nur vorrubergehend Ps. In Schweden geht auch nicht mehr!!!
    S-1 scyzor.maria, 2019-02-10: -Stars leider viele Störungen
    S-1 docman, 2019-02-08: SOmetimes Cosmote Sports channels (GR) freeze or not working.Other than that it is great!
    S-1 markwm, 2019-02-08: 5 points
    S-1 z00m, 2019-02-07: excellent service as always. some freezing problems. I will renew for more time. 5 points
    S-1 torun64, 2019-01-23: EPG funktioniert nicht!!!!
    S-1 scyzor.maria, 2019-01-12: dziala srednio raz lepiej raz gorzej
    S-1 dampiere, 2019-01-02: It was OK, but I need more time for test. I will buy test day. Thank you
    S-1 schjano, 2018-12-19: five stars
    S-1 lordhellstro, 2018-12-19: Perfect
    S-1 danevig, 2018-12-18: xx
    S-1 markwm, 2018-12-14: 5 star service
    S-1 torun64, 2018-12-13: epg problem
    S-1 scyzor.maria, 2018-12-12: -Stars dziala dobrze
    S-1 aastra, 2018-12-11: Excellent !!!
    S-1 stefank, 2018-12-10: ???
    S-1 scali, 2018-12-10: Great
    S-1 gorodminsk, 2018-12-06: it works
    S-1 dray1, 2018-12-05: very good , 5 stars
    S-1 markwm, 2018-12-05: very good 5 points +
    S-1 izmailov03, 2018-12-04: super
    S-1 jensfup, 2018-12-03: Super
    S-1 markwm, 2018-11-24: 5 stars
    S-1 gorodminsk, 2018-11-20: it works
    S-1 vik284333, 2018-11-16: Hi! extend for 1 month
    S-1 slava.76, 2018-11-13: WHERE IS RENEWAL ON THE SETTINGS PAGE !?
    S-1 scyzor.maria, 2018-11-12: -Stars dziala dobrze
    S-1 stefank, 2018-11-09: ???
    S-1 scyzor.maria, 2018-11-08: -Stars funkcjonuje dobrze
    S-1 giuseppe.wot, 2018-11-08: not relalibe service at all!
    S-1 lordhellstro, 2018-11-06: Works perfect
    S-1 Netholic, 2018-11-05: Works Ok
    S-1 ezsolti174, 2018-11-03: there are a lot of disappearances and many cstorna are not Hungarian
    S-1 markwm, 2018-11-02: 5 poiints
    S-1 dupla, 2018-10-26: ok
    S-1 torun64, 2018-10-22: EPG Problem
    S-1 danevig, 2018-10-22: asdf
    S-1 edzhins, 2018-10-21: Works great, already ordered full service :)
    S-1 rhis, 2018-10-20: Working good!
    S-1 kontos56, 2018-10-18: excellent !!! Without problems !
    S-1 anthony fish, 2018-10-17: mostly ok
    S-1 gorodminsk, 2018-10-14: it works ok
    S-1 lordhellstro, 2018-10-13: Perfect
    S-1 scyzor.maria, 2018-10-13: -Stars dziala bardzo dobrze
    S-1 aividz, 2018-10-12: very nice quality.
    S-1 stefank, 2018-10-11: ???
    S-1 tobbelobbe, 2018-10-08: Good stuff. But how do I renew?
    S-1 Netholic, 2018-10-08: -Stars Works ok
    S-1 vik284333, 2018-10-08: Hi! Extend the IPTV package (server 1) for 1 month -2018.10.11-2018.11.11
    S-1 markwm, 2018-10-03: very good 5 stars
    S-1 stormtouki, 2018-09-28: great
    S-1 dupla, 2018-09-25: ok
    S-1 Netholic, 2018-09-23: -Stars Good
    S-1 Gennarino69, 2018-09-21: good quality channels
    S-1 markwm, 2018-09-18: 5 stars
    S-1 gorodminsk, 2018-09-14: it works ok
    S-1 stefank, 2018-09-11: problematic image delivery.
    S-1 Knagis86, 2018-09-08: good
    S-1 scyzor.maria, 2018-09-07: -Stars dziala dobrze
    S-1 atalanta77, 2018-09-07: IPTV don´t leave !!!
    S-1 atalanta77, 2018-09-07: NO ACTIVE PACK on Server-1! Please Check Your Username/Pass! (NoLogin/NoPass)
    S-1 Netholic, 2018-09-06: -Stars Works well
    S-1 stefank, 2018-09-04: Fine
    S-1 markwm, 2018-09-02: 5 points
    S-1 markwm, 2018-09-02: 5pints the best ever
    S-1 markwm, 2018-08-28: 5 points for the very very good service
    S-1 dupla, 2018-08-27: Same channels are not hungarian.
    S-1 Netholic, 2018-08-24: -Stars Ok
    S-1 torun64, 2018-08-24: keine EPG
    S-1 danevig, 2018-08-18: -Stars jk
    S-1 scyzor.maria, 2018-08-11: -Stars dziala bardzo dobrze
    S-1 sapdap, 2018-08-09: Great Working fine
    S-1 scyzor.maria, 2018-08-05: -Stars dziala dobrze
    S-1 stefank, 2018-08-03: !!!
    S-1 torun64, 2018-07-26: EPG NIE DZIALA
    S-1 dupla, 2018-07-26: ok
    S-1 Netholic, 2018-07-25: -Stars Works Ok
    S-1 anthony fish, 2018-07-24: all mostly good,. many thanks
    S-1 markwm, 2018-07-19: all very good 5points
    S-1 scyzor.maria, 2018-07-12: -Stars dziala bardzo dobrze na Mag 250
    S-1 gorodminsk, 2018-07-11: good!
    S-1 slava.76, 2018-07-08: DOES NOT WORK!
    S-1 slava.76, 2018-07-07: xxxx
    S-1 08tv, 2018-06-29: ok
    S-1 dupla, 2018-06-25: ok
    S-1 Netholic, 2018-06-25: Works Ok
    S-1 torun64, 2018-06-24: EPG nie funkcjonuje(kodi,IPTV E XTREME pro,IPTV PRO)
    S-1 gorodminsk, 2018-06-21: works perfectly
    S-1 markwm, 2018-06-21: very good 5 points
    S-1 markwm, 2018-06-19: 5 points
    S-1 scyzor.maria, 2018-06-14: -Stars dziala bardzo dobrze
    S-1 taloubante19, 2018-06-11: best server ++++++
    S-1 stefank, 2018-06-01: Ok
    S-1 torun64, 2018-05-26: EPG NIE DZIALA
    S-1 dupla, 2018-05-25: -
    S-1 Netholic, 2018-05-25: Satisfied
    S-1 anthony fish, 2018-05-22: all good
    S-1 tritonas, 2018-05-21: nice
    S-1 markwm, 2018-05-17: full 5 points
    S-1 scyzor.maria, 2018-05-14: dziala dobrze funktioniert gut
    S-1 gorodminsk, 2018-05-11: its fine
    S-1 markwm, 2018-05-11: 5 stars
    S-1 torun64, 2018-04-28: Hi . EPG nie funkcjonuje!!!!
    S-1 Netholic, 2018-04-25: Works just fine
    S-1 dupla, 2018-04-24: Elég jól működik.
    S-1 tritonas, 2018-04-21: adult channels were removed without notice
    S-1 tritonas, 2018-04-21: adult channels are removed...
    S-1 alop, 2018-04-20: Good
    S-1 gorodminsk, 2018-04-20: it works fine
    S-1 markwm, 2018-04-17: 5points
    S-1 taloubante19, 2018-04-16: Great server +++
    S-1 scyzor.maria, 2018-04-15: einmal sehr gut und dann wieder ganz schlecht hoffe nur dass sich das stabilisiert Server-3 ist im Moment stabiler
    S-1 asus1980, 2018-04-13: Very good server
    S-1 texas27, 2018-04-10: Great service!
    S-1 Highx, 2018-04-05: Sky Sport and Bundesliga (Germany) not working well, always lagging and delay tested with desktop, fire tv, smartphone (android), smart tv all other channels working rly good
    S-1 slava.76, 2018-04-05: So far, So good!
    S-1 giwrgaras, 2018-04-04: All Greek channels, but nova is not working (MEGA as well)
    S-1 08tv, 2018-04-03: GOOD
    S-1 stefank, 2018-04-02: All ok!
    S-1 docsat1, 2018-03-29: Have some issue with french CHs, like to try server 3,
    S-1 q89, 2018-03-29: thanks for top class service Q89
    S-1 lambihenri, 2018-03-29: Working very good
    S-1 asus1980, 2018-03-29: Always very stable service! Best of !
    S-1 torun64, 2018-03-28: very stable service
    S-1 craiggates, 2018-03-27: great service. alittle laggy at times but generally great
    S-1 dupla, 2018-03-26: -Stars ok
    S-1 2pac4u, 2018-03-24: Great service !!!
    S-1 Netholic, 2018-03-23: Works just great.
    S-1 Jonas, 2018-03-23: Fantastic!!all the service, the pack, the channels, quality, fluids ... excellent!
    S-1 tritonas, 2018-03-21: epg settings never worked for me
    S-1 tritonas, 2018-03-21: epg settings never worked for me...
    S-1 Cipri, 2018-03-21: you are thieves   stupid world take money and it does not work the score is below zero for you the ax will sue you crooks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    S-1 markwm, 2018-03-19: thanks for top class service Billy { markwm}
    S-1 roblasz1, 2018-03-18: Much better during last month. Keep it up
    S-1 giuseppe.wot, 2018-03-18: NONE OF THE HUNGARIAN CHANNELS ARE WORKING!
    S-1 hooykfopeef, 2018-03-15: all good
    S-1 taloubante19, 2018-03-15: The best
    S-1 scyzor.maria, 2018-03-11: -Stars arbeitet sehr gut
    S-1 08tv, 2018-03-11: OK Fine
    S-1 pavml, 2018-03-08: All OK
    S-1 Steady75, 2018-03-07: Super quality! Thx.
    S-1 gorodminsk, 2018-03-06: it works perfectly
    S-1 merobatis, 2018-03-05: Nice job
    S-1 chinshue, 2018-03-05: Got what i really wanted and it is working at the moment
    S-1 sapdap, 2018-03-04: Working Great
    S-1 icam2, 2018-03-04: All ok at the moment Excellent
    S-1 sapdap, 2018-03-04: Working Great
    S-1 tjlockett, 2018-03-02: problem with server connection sometimes the portal will not open hope this is only a temporary glitch.
    S-1 scotty, 2018-03-01: ok
    S-1 docsat1, 2018-02-25: OK with some issue ,,,
    S-1 JaVa, 2018-02-24: super
    S-1 Netholic, 2018-02-23: It works really great. My whish as a swede is to get the Viasat moviechannels in full HD with subtitles.
    S-1 Kuukkeli, 2018-02-21: Hello! I noticed that my email address is wrong with you. Right is: Please correct my address and send IPTV http // address to my email. Best Regards, taisto
    S-1 tritonas, 2018-02-20: great
    S-1 roblasz1, 2018-02-17: Have worked good but from time to time no connection to server.I hope it will be better this time.
    S-1 kingcocos666, 2018-02-14: well everything works good until last couple of weeks my iptv stops working my tv list dosent work so i can access the tv channels
    S-1 08tv, : ok
    S-1 pebbar, :
    S-1 scotty, :
    S-1 roblasz1, :
    S-1 xmirox, : Super:)
    S-1 tritonas, : great
    S-1 Netholic, : Works just great.
    S-1 papichulo911, :
    S-1 merobatis, : Nice Job!
    S-1 dupla, : OK
    S-1 macevan, : Good Service! Thank You!
    S-1 Hank13, : great job!
    S-1 danevig, : TKS
    S-1 jan.kom2, :
    S-1 pavml, :
    S-1 taloubante19, : best server . thank you.
    S-1 matej194, : Good
    S-1 markwm, :
    S-1 pisti33, : 5
    S-1 ndoumouras, :
    S-1 anthony fish, : mostly ok
    S-1 xmacomx, :
    S-1 ndoumouras, :
    S-1 divisekp, : ok
    S-1 naki07, : best server
    S-1 zoza, : very good
    S-1 go-mez, : OK
    S-1 turek826, : Thanks for great services!
    S-1 scyzor.maria, : it works very well
    S-1 Highx, : cheap
    S-1 c3po, :
    S-1 aividz, : nice
    S-1 PavelNovak, : Eursport CZ is heavy stuttering.. I really miss original audio track(often 5.1) on movie channels (like HBO, HBO HD etc.), originally, they have both original and dubbed track, and subtitle track (which is present nowadays). 1 day is not that much time to test, but I will test mainly CZE channels. I hope I choosed the right Server (from 1-3) to that :)
    S-1 danevig, : EPG necessary and danish channels working 100%
    S-1 jensfup, : Nice
    S-1 Andrew1980, :
    S-1 scyzor.maria, : funktioniert sehr gut
    S-1 Andrew1980, : SUPEEEER
    S-1 dupla, :
    S-1 pisti33, :
    S-1 JaVa, : Perfect !!!
    S-1 izmailov03, : Perfect Quality
    S-1 alop, : Good
    S-1 gorodminsk, : it works ok
    S-1 ndoumouras, :
    S-1 rudko, : Great....just some Czech channels are going on hungarian language, which is bad
    S-1 thanasist2, : It looks good<
    S-1 asus1980, : Thanks for a quality service!
    S-1 Tomashj29, :
    S-1 scyzor.maria, : dobra jakosc programu ale czasami szwankuje
    S-1 JaVa, : Perfect
    S-1 craiggates, : awesome
    S-1 ipfen78, :
    S-1 krist88, :
    S-1 texas27, :
    S-1 scali, :
    S-1 scali, :
    S-1 slava.76, : good
    S-1 JaVa, : Perfect
    S-1 scyzor.maria, : dziala dobrze
    S-1 krist88, : ble ble ble
    S-1 kuba803, :
    S-1 gorodminsk, : it works ok!
    S-1 krist88, : brak epg
    S-1 rhis, : As Viasat not working on CS anymore... NEED Viasat Motor !!
    S-1 danevig, : good
    S-1 lordhellstro, :
    S-1 tiborbodor, : *****
    S-1 olafno1, : 1 klsse
    S-1 vik284333, :
    S-1 danevig, : >Good
    S-1 jensfup, :
    S-1 jensfup, :
    S-1 scyzor.maria, : dziala dobrze
    S-1 slava.76, : fair enough
    S-1 placebo2018hu, :
    S-1 scali, :
    S-1 Shadow013, : i will try again
    S-1 macevan, : Good Service! Thank you!
    S-1 vik284333, : extend for 1 month
    S-1 aividz, : X
    S-1 Knagis86, :
    S-1 Knagis86, :
    S-1 anthony fish, : works ok most of time
    S-1 markwm, : 5 points and very good
    S-1 tobbelobbe, :
    S-1 rhis, : test again
    S-1 dupla, : OK
    S-1 macevan, : good Service! Thank You.
    S-1 scyzor.maria, : dziala dobrze
    S-1 edzhins, : Great quality and service!
    S-1 slava.76, : Still no Renew subscription button Impossible to navigate on ios ...
    S-1 anthony fish, : all good many thanks
    S-1 izmailov03, :
    S-1 macevan, : ..thx!
    S-1 scyzor.maria, :
    S-1 aastra, : No EPG for Greek channels
    S-1 turek826, : thx
    S-1 gorodminsk, : It realy works.
    S-1 slava.76, : ******
    S-1 schjano, : Excellent
    S-1 Gennarino69, : Good quality channels, I am satisfied
    S-1 Knagis86, :
    S-1 krist88, : epg problemy
    S-1 Alfdk, : Super
    S-1 Gennarino69, : Very good quality, I am satisfied
    S-1 edzhins, :
    S-1 boanta01, : works good!
    S-1 dupla, : ok
    S-1 gio36, :
    S-1 z00m, : very good service .... 5 points
    S-1 go-mez, : ok
    S-1 macevan, : good! thank YOU!
    S-1 Knagis86, :
    S-1 bygdetrollet, : A bit unstable, good quality feed
    S-1 bygdetrollet, : Good streams. Miss 50hz on some sports channels
    S-1 schjano, :
    S-1 izmailov03, :
    S-1 jaydeemoney2, : Quality of service is good
    S-1 macevan, : good! Thank YOU!
    S-1 ongbaq, : Everything fine
    S-1 tiborbodor, : Thanks
    S-1 krist88, : epg problem
    S-1 speedway80, :
    S-1 edzhins, :
    S-1 scyzor.maria, :
    S-1 grzegorz, : alle OK
    S-1 z00m, : thanks great job ...5 points
    S-1 lordhellstro, :
    S-1 macevan, : Good Service! Thank You!
    S-1 tiborbodor, : 1
    S-1 tiborbodor, : ,
    S-1 lordhellstro, :
    S-1 tiborbodor, :
    S-1 tiborbodor, :
    S-1 slava.76, : 5+
    S-1 lordhellstro, :
    S-1 dupla, : ok
    S-1 rhis, : All good
    S-1 docman, : Great!
    S-1 tiborbodor, :
    S-1 Larse, : good
    S-1 macevan, : thank you!
    S-1 tiborbodor, :
    S-1 q89, : Best ever , 5 stars service.
    S-1 dupla, : -
    S-1 q89, : Very Good
    S-1 tiborbodor, :
    S-1 gio36, :
    S-1 tiborbodor, :
    S-1 Knipser1, : Hat beim 1. Mal gehakt, daher noch eine Testperiode!
    S-1 Jixxx, :
    S-1 aividz, : Still waiting for server 3 thanks
    S-1 aividz, : Last try
    S-1 kutya, : A++

    IPTV Server-1

    Vote for Quality IPTV Server-1!

    5* - Perfect - 20 (51.28%)
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    3* - Not Bad - 7 (17.95%)
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    1* - Poor - 3 (7.69%)

    Total Votes: 39

    Hi, Guest! You are not-registered User!
    Please, log-in to site or finish registration!

    18 October 2017 18:05 | Administrator | | User Offline

    Answer - on page!!!!!!!!!-
    This pack will be active soon!!!! Plan to start: from 2017 november,01

    27 October 2017 21:21 | Registered | | User Offline

    Hello. How can i order 1mth

    27 October 2017 21:38 | Administrator | | User Offline

    strange question....
    best way - go and try ordering - you will see - you can check 1/2/3.../6 months

    2 fanispan4040
    IPTV active!!! you can check!

    2 November 2017 20:44 | Registered | | User Offline

    Hello. How can i order 1mth



    12 December 2017 00:08 | Deleted | |

    Hi could you give the link for the procedure to get / pay for a test line please for IPTV full package.

    12 December 2017 06:43 | Administrator | | User Offline

    which PROCEDURE??????????
    Joking or really can not see link - IPTV/OTT FREE TEST??????????

    Hello. How can i order 1mth

    its already NONSENCE... ALL ON SITE!!!
    I am simply tired to delete such "COMMENTS"....
    Much more easy to CLICK on ORDERING-BUTTON and dont ask ...

    17 December 2017 22:08 | Registered | | User Offline

    sorry, I'm not clear, have now for 1 day iptv bought, where and how can I m3u list download, I get the mail?
    VIP-Extra IPTV/OTT (Server-1) (Order-ID: 2017-12-17_2118_IPTV_VIP_ALL_S1)
    on Server-1 for Period: 0 month(s) (1 days) from:2017-12-17 00:00:00 till: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
    Ordering Status: Confirmed! (Not Activated Yet!) (Will be Active Soon!)
    Order Details: Order Date: 2017-12-17 21:19:42 Last Update: 2017-12-17
    Price/month: 0.50,-€


    18 December 2017 05:40 | Administrator | | User Offline

    2 mak65
    READ ALL email!!! ACTIVATION in 12hours!!!!
    We dont work at night!!!!

    30 December 2017 23:31 | Registered | | User Offline

    hello!! all with nova channells finaly fixed?

    31 December 2017 08:30 | Administrator | | User Offline

    NOVA not fixed yet! sorry!
    Happy New Year!

    5 January 2018 20:10 | Registered | | User Offline

    many problems
    with nova channels and ote channels... wassat

    8 January 2018 11:45 | Registered | | User Offline

    can i get test iptv test (m3u file)

    8 January 2018 15:29 | Administrator | | User Offline

    Guys, REALLY NOBODY can OPEN EYES??? I am tired to delete such "comments" -LEFT MENU - IPTV/OTT FREE TEST............

    13 January 2018 10:37 | Registered | | User Offline

    All Chanles working very good and so fast bravooo!!!!!!!!

    2 February 2018 23:15 | Registered | | User Offline

    I can not make renew ordering for Iptv server 1,
    i make new ordering but there is nothing. Pls.How can i order Iptv servers?

    Can not renew ordering for Iptv server 1.
    I press Renew order but there is nothing. Pls how can i activate any Iptv servers? Thanks.

    3 February 2018 10:51 | Administrator | | User Offline

    your pack: 2018-01-26 11:00:00 - 2018-01-27 11:00:00
    So, HOW can you renew EXPIRED pack??? - Just place NEW ordering!!!!

    4 February 2018 11:45 | Registered | | User Offline


    how can i choose 3 day test for 1 euro? there is not in order list.


    4 February 2018 12:03 | Administrator | | User Offline

    NO 3-days test for IPTV (only for cardsharing!)
    for IPTV: Free 1-day test, 1-day for 0.5eur, and 7days for 4eur

    4 February 2018 15:02 | Registered | | User Offline


    everythings work great but in hungarian section more channels has foreign audio channel not hungarian and some channel has maybe romanian subtitle. is there a way to fix it? and maybe RTL Gold can get into the list?


    4 February 2018 17:48 | Registered | | User Offline

    Please need help to put EPG for IPTV server 1. Thank you

    5 February 2018 21:43 | Registered | | User Offline

    I have downloaded the EPG file from your Iptv server 1 and put it in to Kodi's Epg setting. Chanels are working great, but there is no Epg for my chanels. I have hungarian chanels. Please can someone help whit Epg?
    Thank you.

    6 February 2018 08:26 | Registered | | User Offline

    zoza: használd a oldalt, ott van magyar EPG, amit használhatsz

    6 February 2018 15:47 | Registered | | User Offline

    c3po: koszonom szepen a linket, de nem megy igy sem. Lehet h bennem a hiba es nem tudok rajonni. De azert rendes vagy es koszonom. Amugy az a kerdes h itt adnak EPG ses megsem mukodik. Akkor minek hozza mas oldalt nyitni ha ugy aruljak a pakkokat h EPG is van benne. Ezt ha tudom nem fizetek nekik.

    7 February 2018 05:52 | Administrator | | User Offline

    1. hivatalos nyelv - ENGLISH!!!
    2. - ne okoskodj - mas iptv csak ennyit tud adni epg-bol amennyit mi!
    3. elso lepesben koptal tesztet. akkor mi a fene rendelsz 1honapot ha vmi nem tetszik??? semmi logika!
    4. senki neten nem tud ennyi magyar scotornat produkalni!

    7 February 2018 08:24 | Registered | | User Offline

    good service,i want take account and please tell me if i am fault....1:check period--sellect how many months want 2: place info for device--what have and want anyone and probably send it.but before of all this must go to left panel billing--refil balance and send there money and then make order??if i want 1 month must send in reffil balance 10 euro and then can i go and place steps for the order??thanks in advance!

    7 February 2018 08:34 | Administrator | | User Offline

    1. you refill balance with any mode good for you (paypal, credit card, b.coin, etc) from here -
    2. go to any pack and place ordering - it will be activated asap!
    3. during ordering on servers 1 and 3 you will get apportunity to check m3u or MAG!
    4. same - you can place ordering FREE for 1day - for your MAG-address!

    7 February 2018 13:46 | Registered | | User Offline

    I can not reply on private message as it says maximum messages 3 per day.
    thanks for sorting it out.

    7 February 2018 14:40 | Administrator | | User Offline

    YES! all OK! Reseller-panel will be asap!

    9 February 2018 18:16 | Administrator | | User Offline

    contact me - I will give u +test!

    10 February 2018 18:30 | Registered | | User Offline

    that would be great :) I am trying to be helpfull, so nowadays I am focusing to gathering little faults @Server1 - CZ/SK channels. I will sent you after few days, to have time to do it properly. I understand, that its not easy for example differentiate HU/RO/SK language, so it could be tricky to even notice error, when audio track labels not state otherwise.

    After that I will appretiate to have possibility to test Server 2/3, so I can choose best server to stay. After all, I am quite fine with Server 1, but if those errors could be corrected, it will be even better server :)


    11 February 2018 10:39 | Registered | | User Offline

    I finnished my review. This comment doesnt allows me post long text, so please, you can find it here:

    I will appretiate any feedback to this review. I hope this will help increase quality of your service. If I can ask for test access to the Server 2/3, I would like to do same work for CZ/SK channels there. I bought 1 month of Server1, but if CZ/SK are better on other Servers, I would continue on better one, after expiration :) But basically, if its possible to fix mentioned problems, Server-1 will be 100% for CZ/SK country.

    11 February 2018 11:02 | Administrator | | User Offline

    2 PavelNovak
    1st thanks for your review! i will send to our techs!
    test-line server-3 you can get from site!!!

    P.S. Updated channesl-list here:

    11 February 2018 14:38 | Registered | | User Offline

    Thank You! Yes, I used latest playlist before writing final review :)

    Again, too long post, you can read it here:

    P.S.: A quick find: Nat Geo HD GR on Server1 has hardcoded GR subtitles, but at least Czech audio track :) If that track could be added to Nat Geo HD CZ (which is nice clean video with original english audio, my second choice if CZ isnt avaible), it would be great :)

    13 February 2018 08:50 | Registered | | User Offline

    dr. Freak,
    First of all sory for writing here but because of limit of only 3 PM per day it is my only chance.
    I ordered IPTV Server 1 test yesterday but not able to test so far. It is not possible to download settings at all. You have allready tried to fix that but without positive result.
    I see that there is a mix of server names in download links, there are mistakes in addresses (e.g. .../Server_Server_1/...) so probably several things are wrongly setup. And maybe there could be problem with my ID as well because of used dot (napis.mi).
    So could you please try to fix that to alow me trsting? And because my testing period is almost over withou any testing I’d like to ask you to prolong my testing period as well.

    Many thanks in advanced.

    13 February 2018 09:06 | Administrator | | User Offline

    Hi, napis.mi!
    1st: if you check iptv pack server-3:
    comments 17/18 you will understand why 3 PM limit is set on site. Otherwise I would answer for froud PM all day long and would do nothing more. so, hope all users can understand me...
    as for download link. SORRY - really there was a script-bug. right - as you wrote: there are mistakes in addresses (e.g. .../Server_Server_1/...)
    should be as: .../Server_1/...
    Bug fixed! check now!
    and last as for your test-period :
    have activated new test for user napismi with new pass! please check settings-page!

    13 February 2018 10:26 | Registered | | User Offline

    Hi, dr. Freak,
    Now everything works perfectly ;-) Thanks for your support and help.
    And I fully understand the daily limit of 3 PM ;-)
    Wish you nice day.


    14 February 2018 10:50 | Administrator | | User Offline

    to Attention all active users IPTV:
    We have got letter from x-tream service about problems on servers...
    Its globally - all over the world!
    They promised us to fix problem asap!
    So, sorry and be patient!
    As x-tream will fix problem - we will restart streaming again.
    Think - on x-ream service was DDDOS atack...
    Regards, Admin.


    27 February 2018 18:17 | Registered | | User Offline

    Greek channels are not even in the list!

    28 February 2018 05:56 | Administrator | | User Offline

    what list you are speaking about??? what are NOT in list???
    GR channels ca be checked -

    1 March 2018 10:37 | Registered | | User Offline

    Hello, I have one question regarding Account and Servers:
    After my Server1 subscription will be gone, if I will buy next month on Server3, would I have the same Login/Pass as before on Server1? And, if not: in future, when I will hypothetically want to change server again (after bought subscription expire), does new payment for server1 "realive" my previous login/pass?

    I mean, is my account linked to both payed Servers, and just enabled for the time which I buy, or is there a need to recreate totally different login/credentials each time I switch servers?

    1 March 2018 10:58 | Administrator | | User Offline

    2 PavelNovak (and all Users have asked same):
    1. Server-1 and Server-3 absolutely separate servers, placed in diff. countries, with diff. tech-staff.
    2. can be same login, but not pass!
    3. Server-1: login/pass will remain same ONLY if you renew active subscribtion. If pack was expired you will get NEW pass (random on server, always new)
    4. Server-3: login/pass can be same in any case - new ordering or renewal - doesnt metter.
    5. Plan to create new pack server-1+server-3. its possible if user want to use m3u on both servers or eg. MAG+Enigma, or m3u+MAG. Reason - same MAC-Address can not be registered on both servers.
    Hope, now all clear with this question.

    2 March 2018 00:33 | Registered | | User Offline

    In general the service is prety good. Sometimes thoug, ita has a lot of delay, especially the sports channels (novasports).

    10 March 2018 00:10 | Registered | | User Offline

    hello, i have tried your iptv service for the past few days but i am unable to get a smooth stream from your channels. most of the time the streams are smooth for about 5 to 10 minutes and after that, the picture freezes. my internet speed is good, because i have other iptv subscriptions and when i test them, their streams are good. could you have that problem rectify. you have really great channels in your lineup and i want to continue using your iptv service.

    29 March 2018 13:01 | Registered | | User Offline

    I have paid a 10 euro renewal for this package VIP-extra IPTV/OTT on server1 on 28th March 2018 with PayPal. I have the receipts from PayPal and the Agent but it still does not show in my account balance can an admin please sort this before I have to report to PayPal.

    29 March 2018 15:30 | Administrator | | User Offline

    1. You just placed payment, but not finished.
    2. this page - COMMENTS!!! NOT PROBLEMS etc.
    3. if have any problem - write PM to payment admin with payment details!!!
    4. Sure, you can open claim etc on PP! atonce you will be refunded and blocked on our site forever!
    5. (and last) please do not behave yourself like UK-foreign minister... - no any detail, but problem declared! Better - to speak and fix any problem... (we are usually out of politic, but now - must be!)

    30 March 2018 15:15 | Registered | | User Offline

    All OK !
    Only for us Greek customers must improve Nova Gr channels.

    24 May 2018 09:52 | Registered | | User Offline

    I focused to Hungarian channels primary, and I tested on 3 devices (2 PC, 1 smart TV) and with 2 internet connection, to be sure, the mistake is not on my side.
    I think, i don't lie if I say almost 40% of channels unwatchable.
    Most common reasons:
    - lagging
    - repeat the same content from time to time
    - the sound goes away
    - the sound not match with the channel language
    - or it does not work at all

    4 August 2018 13:35 | Registered | | User Offline

    Works great.

    21 October 2018 10:37 | Registered | | User Offline

    Feedback after test: Server 1 works great! Appreciate that there are alternative sources for popular channels, which guarantees that at least one is on and shows what you want. Only one annoying, but easily solvable issue - due to wrong code channel grouping does not work, hence it complicates changing to the country list you want. But I assume that this issue only occurs in testing.

    7 December 2018 14:48 | Registered | | User Offline

    hey how can i order VIP-Extra IPTV/OTT (Server-2) i see ther are more estonian canels or can i get all 3 servers

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