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Watch IPTV with M3U list on MAG

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Watch IPTV with M3U list on MAG
In the internal software. Editing the channel list

-Enter to "IPTV Channels”
-Activate the menu by pressing the «menu» on the remote control.
-In the menu select "GROUP” → "Edit Mode”.
-"New Entry” (blue button on the remote control).
-In the dialog box enter the necessary data.
-Name: Channel name (actual or desired).
-URL: «solution» «URL address channel».
-Save your entries - «Save».

To edit the channel select «Edit Entry» (yellow button on the remote control).
To delete the channel select «Delete Entry» (The green button on the remote control).

-Exit the edit mode «Quit» (The red button on the remote control).
-Confirm to save changes

To play streaming

Streaming specification shall be as follows: rtp space(gap) URL.

for example:
for example:
rtp udp://
rtp rtp://
For access to the stream with RTSP-serverspecification shall be as follows: rtsp space(gap)URL.

For broadcasting http

for example:
It is also possible to use "Solution» - fm, ffrt, ffrt2, ffrt3. Depending on the type of streaming.

-Exit the edit mode «Quit» (The red button on the remote control).
-Confirm to save changes «Save».

Loading a default channel list from the server.
-Enter to "IPTV Channels”
-Activate the menu by pressing the «menu» on the remote control.
-From the menu choose "Download …”
-Enter URL - full address of the file containing the list of default channels.
for example:
If the channel list is not loaded:
-incorrect address (URL);
-no connection to the server;
-file with that name on the server was not found;
-file has an incorrect format.

Load a previously created list from a USB drive or via SMB / NFS
-Open file format *.m3u from a USB drive or from the available network resources (USB-storages «mount» automatically in «Media Browser» or «Home Media», Local Area Net resources are available in SMB-browser-«SAMBA» in «Media Browser» or«Home Media»);
-When you open the answer to the question about the encoding of the file;
-Save the list of channels;
-If you refuse to save the channel list, you can select the channels (F3 button on remote or"menu” - "Select All”) and add them to the"IPTV Channels” - "menu” - "Copy” - "TV”button on remote - "menu” - "Paste”

File Format: m3u, UTF-8 encoding (recommended)

Watch IPTV with M3U list on MAG
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