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Cardsharing Settings on Dreambox (CCcam)

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Installing a C-Line in a Dreambox

A. Once you open it, it should look like the photo below. Choose the language of your choice. Login is usually Name: root and Password: dreambox

1. This is the IP of your Router. It should come up by itself.

2. This is your Dreambox ( Receiver) IP address. If you don’t know it, press the "Search” button in order to scan and find the IP. Once you enter the IP address, press "Reconnect”.

3 & 4. These two should be green in order to be able to go further. If one of them is red, then it means that you have either entered the wrong receiver IP address or your receiver is locked.

B. Once all are green, press "FTP” to move further. 


C. The next page should look like the photo below. If the left column doesn’t show anything, this means that your receiver has been locked by the person who has entered the previous C-lines in. You can either get those codes or Flash your receiver. If it looks like the photo below, double click on "var”. You can skip this step if you have Enigma 2 installed.


D. It should now look like the photo below. Double click on "etc”

Cardsharing Settings Dreambox CCcam

E. If you have installed a CCcam in your receiver, then it should look like the photo below. Find the file "CCcam.cfg”, right click on it and select "edit”.

Cardsharing Settings Dreambox CCcam

F. You should come to the page below. Please delete EVERYTHING from within this file. There should be absolutely nothing in it. Copy and Paste the C-line(s) we have provided for you. Press the icon shown by the red arrow in order to save. A confirmation window will come up to ask you to confirm. Press yes and now you are finished. You may need to restart your receiver in order for the C-line(s) to take effect.

Cardsharing Settings Dreambox CCcam

Cardsharing Settings on Dreambox (CCcam)
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