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  •     Important on CardSharing-Servers:
    Server-5: SkyDe!!! in case you are using newcamd protocol you must connect to both ports - 09c4 and 098C. Please update your emulator configs! All settings you will find on settings page.

    SKY-DE on Server-3!!! NEW CAID, PORT ADDED! Please check settings page!


    Some Packs on Server-5 is closed/renamed... eg. VIP-Europe - same as VIP-ALL!

    We have added new version of emulator MgCamd 1.45c (Mips) with SkyDe support.
    You can download it here-

    SkyDE provider made changes on some channels. Right now those channels are working only in MgCamd 1.45c or OSCAM emulator (cccam or newcamd protocol).
    For Oscam it is important to add into file oscam.server to [reader] section new parameter - disablecrccws = 1

    Dear clients, as was already mentioned in the news dated September 18, 2018, Viasat provider has launched protection of almost all channels available in the package.
    Currently, roughly 20 channels such as TV1000 Action East FSS, Viasat Nature East FSS, Viasat History FSS, Explorer/Spice FSS and some others are working. As soon as protection hack solution appears, it will be added to the server.

    On Servers-4,5 Can use any protocol with 2 c-lines! 1st: main, 2nd: backup with DDDos security. So, in normal mode 1st line only should be active!
    On Server-3 Can use any protocol with 1 c-line with DDDos protection!
    About different prices on Servers HERE!


    CardSharing       SkyLink
    on Astra 3B at 23.3°E

    Cardsharing čeština  Cardsharing Slovensko
     - ICE 0D96 + IRD 0624
     - FULL Pack With HD!!!скачать dle 11.3

        Active -Packages on Server-4:
     SkyLink on Astra 3B
    from Astra 3B at 23.5°E
    Coding: Cryptoworks, Irdeto 2, Viaccess 5.0
    Full package with HD!!!

    Prices on Server-4:
    0.50,-€/1day, 1.00,-€/3days, 1.50,-€/7days,
    8.00,-€/2months, 12.00,-€/3months, 16.00,-€/4months, 20.00,-€/5months, 24.00,-€/6months

         Place Ordering for Sky_Link on Server-4! 

        Active -Packages on Server-5:
    Cardsharing SkyLink on Astra 3B Cardsharing
    from Astra 3B at 23.5°E
    Coding: Cryptoworks, Irdeto 2, Viaccess 5.0
    Full package with HD!!!

    Prices on Server-5:
    0.50,-€/1day, 1.00,-€/3days,
    20.00,-€/2months, 30.00,-€/3months, 40.00,-€/4months, 50.00,-€/5months, 60.00,-€/6months

         Place Ordering for Sky_Link on Server-5! 

    Last Feedbacks about Pack Sky_Link:
    S-4 aphofis, 2020-07-07: Thanks
    S-4 GROSSOLT, 2020-03-17: OK
    S-4 neorbk, 2020-06-01: all ok
    S-4 terezis, 2019-06-11: *****
    S-4 marian1972, 2019-08-11:
    S-4 st8tesman2, 2019-04-11: +++
    S-4 DADA, : OK.
    S-4 frigga, 2019-08-15: great
    S-4 janosik, 2019-02-07: .
    S-4 frigga, 2019-02-17: aa
    S-4 st8tesman2, 2018-09-21: Good and consistent
    S-4 Gadi001, 2019-01-11: -Stars Fine!
    S-4 janosik, 2018-10-07: .
    S-4 anitalukas, 2018-07-09: Good
    S-4 darebak, 2018-06-26: Super
    S-4 st8tesman2, 2018-06-22: Good service.
    S-4 janosik, 2018-07-10: .
    S-4 st8tesman2, 2018-05-22: Good service for good price.
    S-4 migele, 2018-04-26: Ok
    S-4 gunar12345, 2018-09-29: Good
    S-4 gunar1234, 2018-09-29: Good
    S-4 marusa1234, 2018-09-29: Good
    S-4 marian1972, 2018-09-30: Good
    S-4 st8tesman2, : Pretty good. In the evening there are some pauses.
    S-4 st8tesman2, 2018-03-22: One month subscriptions was very good. Will renew for longer.
    S-4 pato12345, 2018-02-27: ,
    S-4 frigga, 2018-08-20: tt
    S-4 marian1972, 2018-03-03:
    S-4 lukasanita123, 2018-03-03: Perfekt
    S-4 pato12345, : a
    S-4 pato12345, :
    S-4 Gadi001, 2018-07-11: -Stars Works fine!
    S-4 ado666666, :
    S-4 frigga, : ok
    S-4 pato12345, :
    S-4 pato12345, :
    S-4 lukasanita123, :
    S-4 marian1972, :
    S-4 pato12345, :
    S-4 pato12345, :
    S-4 janosik, : !
    S-4 lukasanita123, :
    S-4 marian1972, :
    S-4 Gadi001, : Working smooth nearly all times, sometimes short timeout between 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm
    S-4 frigga, :
    S-5 neorbk, 2019-11-13: ok
    S-5 pato12345, 2019-10-12: ok
    S-5 pato12345, 2019-08-13: ok
    S-5 pato12345, 2019-07-15: ok
    S-5 neorbk, 2019-08-16: lately, the increase in lagoons
    S-5 pato12345, 2019-06-17: -Stars works well.
    S-5 pato12345, 2019-05-16: work well
    S-5 pato12345, 2019-04-16: aa
    S-5 neorbk, 2019-05-20: ok
    S-5 pato12345, 2019-03-17: -Stars aaa ok
    S-5 pato12345, 2019-02-17: a
    S-5 pato12345, 2019-01-17: aaa
    S-5 sixnot, 2019-03-08: Works well
    S-5 neorbk, 2019-02-18: ok
    S-5 pato12345, 2018-12-18: Aaa
    S-5 pato12345, 2018-11-17: A
    S-5 pato12345, 2018-10-18: A
    S-5 monty62, : ok
    S-5 CINEMA2016, 2019-03-11: Vše ok super :-)
    S-5 neorbk, 2018-10-10: all ok
    S-5 pato12345, 2018-09-18: A
    S-5 pato12345, 2018-08-20: A
    S-5 pato12345, 2018-07-20: A
    S-5 sixnot, 2018-09-03: Very good
    S-5 neorbk, 2018-08-23: ok
    S-5 pato12345, 2018-06-21: A
    S-5 sixnot, 2018-06-07: Works well
    S-5 pato12345, 2018-05-21: -Stars A
    S-5 janosik, 2018-07-10: -Stars .
    S-5 pato12345, 2018-04-21: Ok
    S-5 CINEMA2016, 2018-09-05: Vše OK
    S-5 janosik, 2018-04-12: .
    S-5 neorbk, 2018-02-27: ok
    S-5 multiacehole, : Why renewal?
    S-5 janosik, 2018-03-06: -Stars great service
    S-5 sixnot, :
    S-5 neorbk, : neorbk
    S-5 sixnot, :
    S-5 CINEMA2016, 2018-03-15: Ok just short-term outages
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    Reason: Active on Servers 4,5
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    Cardsharing, IPTV General menu  Last Comments:

      • lokjyu 08.07.2020
        VIP ALL IPTV (7)
        Thank you for answer from server 3 i want match nash football fhd is it has fantastic quality
      • Master 08.07.2020
        VIP ALL IPTV (7)
        Hi server-3 now not active as almost all channels moved to server-1. pls check it! regards
      • lokjyu 08.07.2020
        VIP ALL IPTV (7)
        Hello i want the list of server 3 where can i find it thank you!!!
      • Master 08.07.2020
        VIP Astra (2)
        Hi pls check: AND READ: ident 09с4 (sky-de) on server-2 active in VIP-ALL only!
      • cox1981 08.07.2020
        VIP Astra (2)
        I am using VIP Astra on Server 2, no Sky is working. I am using oscam with correct Settings (disablecrccws = 1) Does Sky not work on Server 2 ?
      • Master 08.07.2020
        VIP-MIX Server-4 (2)
        You are so wise!!! Bravo!!! OK - let all users check your email!!! :)
      • Rasool686 08.07.2020
        VIP-MIX Server-4 (2)
      • Rasool686 08.07.2020
        VIP-Europe (1)
      • Master 08.07.2020
        Reseller Program (4)
        Reseller Program problem??? joke??? OPEN YOUR EYES!!! - READ: Please leave REALLY comment! NOT problem(s) with your login/payment, etc. If have any question please use PM form!
      • MarkoPolo 08.07.2020
        Reseller Program (4)
        Problem with VIP Hot Bird from Server-2 Please help

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