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    Important on CardSharing-Servers:

Some Packs on Server-5 is closed/renamed... eg. VIP-Europe - same as VIP-ALL!

We have added new version of emulator MgCamd 1.45c (Mips) with SkyDe support.
You can download it here- https://yadi.sk/d/B4gI5FwRIm82tQ

SkyDE provider made changes on some channels. Right now those channels are working only in MgCamd 1.45c or OSCAM emulator (cccam or newcamd protocol).
For Oscam it is important to add into file oscam.server to [reader] section new parameter - disablecrccws = 1

Dear clients, as was already mentioned in the news dated September 18, 2018, Viasat provider has launched protection of almost all channels available in the package.
Currently, roughly 20 channels such as TV1000 Action East FSS, Viasat Nature East FSS, Viasat History FSS, Explorer/Spice FSS and some others are working. As soon as protection hack solution appears, it will be added to the server.

On Servers-4,5 Can use any protocol with 2 c-lines! 1st: main, 2nd: backup with DDDos security. So, in normal mode 1st line only should be active!
On Server-3 Can use any protocol with 1 c-line with DDDos protection!
About different prices on Servers HERE!

NTV+ (VIP 36)

30-08-2019, 08:30 Category: Cardsharing Portal From: dr.Freak Views: 34426 Comments: 2
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Cardsharing       NTV+ (VIP 36)
    NTV+ (VIP 36)
on Eutelsat 36A/36B at 36.0°E

  Cardsharing Россия 

Channels NTV+ Russia: BBC World, Bloomberg, Nickelodeon, TV5, Детский мир, Наше новое кино, Russia Today, World Fashion, CCTV4, CCTV9, ВРЕМЯ: далекое и близкое, Совершенно Секретно, Парк развлечений, РЕН ТВ, Наше Кино, Первый канал, Инфоканал, Телеклуб, КТО ЕСТЬ КТО?, 365 дней ТВ, МНОГОсерийное ТВ, Комедия ТВ, Индия ТВ, Русская ночь, Ля-минор, Боец, Авто Плюс, ТВ-Бульвар, Кухня-ТВ, Интересное ТВ, Закон ТВ, MTV-Russia, СТС, ТНТ, Культура, НТВ, Россия, СПАС, 24 ДОК, Карусель, КИНОСОЮЗ, Вести, Звезда, ТВЦ, VH1, РБК-ТВ, Музыка Первого, Пятый Канал, Мир, Первый МЕТЕО, Подмосковье, 3 канал, Rusiya Al-Yaum, TV SALE, Муз-ТВ, РТР-Спорт, Ностальгия, НТВ-ПЛЮС Теннис, Футбол-2, Русский Экстрим, TLC, Animal Planet, Eurosport, ZONE Romantica, Discovery, Mezzo, ТДК, National Geographic Channel, Euronews, Cartoon Network, ZONE Reality, CNN International, Extreme Sports, Discovery Civilisation, Discovery Science, MCM Top, TCM, MTV Two, MTV Dance, VH1 Classic, Nat Geo WILD, Домашний, Sci Fi, Universal, Gameland.TV, Комеди ТВ, Кинохит, Премьера, Киноклуб, ДОМ КИНО, MGM, Hustler TV, Русская ночь, НТВ-ПЛЮС Спорт, НТВ-ПЛЮС Футбол, НТВ-ПЛЮС Спорт Онлайн, НТВ-ПЛЮС Наш Футбол, СПОРТ ПЛЮС, Баскетбол, Eurosport 2, AXN Sci Fi, Jim Jam, RU TV, MB Ru, TiJi TV, Gulli, Кинорейс 1, Кинорейс 2, Кинорейс 3, Кинорейс 4, Кинорейс 5, Телеканал КХЛ, КИНО ПЛЮС, SET, RT (испанский), Playboy TV, Идеальный мир, ДТВ, Fox Crime, Fox Life, France 24, Татарстан-Новый Век, Эгоист ТВ, Экспрт, Канал Disney, Дождь, Investigation Discovery, CCTV Русский, MTV Hits, ТЕЛЕКАФЕ, Travel Channel, OCEAN-TV, Outdoor Channel, RTG TV, ДОМАШНИЕ ЖИВОТНЫЕ, Моя Планета, Наука 2.0, A-ONE, BRIDGE TV, RUSONG TV, Da Vinci, TV1000, TV1000 Action, TV1000 Русское Кино, Viasat Explorer , Viasat History, Viasat Nature , Viasat Sport, TV-21, ЕвроКино, Иллюзион+, Русский Иллюзион, Комерсантъ ТВ, RTД, КИНОЛЮКС, Москва 24, Охота и рыбалка, ПСИХОЛОГИЯ21, Бойцовский клуб, Мужской, Спорт, Спорт 1, Успех, Загородная жизнь, ЖИВИ!, Первый образовательный, ПРОСВЕЩЕНИЕ, 2Х2, Европа Плюс ТВ.

Channels NTV+ Ukraine: РТР-Планета, НТН, 5 Канал (Украина), НТВ Мир, Первый канал. Всемирная сеть.

Channels HD: HD-Кино, HD Кино 2, Discovery HD, HD-Life, Eurosport HD, HD-Спорт, MTV Live HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, Mezzo Live HD, НТВ-ПЛЮС 3D, Animal Planet HD, Футбол HD, Nickelodeon HD, НТВ-ПЛЮС Футбол 2 HD, Спорт 1 HD, Travel Channel HD, MGM HD.

    Active Cardsharing-Packages on Server-2:
CardSharing NTV Plus on Eutelsat 36B & Express AMU1 CardSharing
NTV Plus
from Eutelsat 36B & Express AMU1 at 36.0°E
Coding: Viaccess 4.0
Full package with HD! MPEG 2, MPEG 4! with CAIDs: 040620, 060A00 (all OK!).

Price on Server-2: 3.00,-€/Month     Place Ordering for NTV on Server-2!

Notes Server-2:
Adult Channels not included!

    Active Cardsharing-Packages on Server-3:
CardSharing NTV Plus on Eutelsat 36B & Express AMU1 CardSharing
NTV Plus
from Eutelsat 36B & Express AMU1 at 36.0°E
Coding: Viaccess 4.0
Full package with HD! MPEG 2, MPEG 4! with CAIDs: 040620, 060A00 (all OK!).

Price on Server-3: 4.00,-€/Month     Place Ordering for NTV on Server-3!

Notes Server-3:
Tricolor without guarantee!
With Adult Channels!

    Active Cardsharing-Packages on Server-4:
CardSharing NTV Plus on Eutelsat 36B & Express AMU1 CardSharing
NTV Plus
from Eutelsat 36B & Express AMU1 at 36.0°E
Coding: Viaccess 4.0
Full package with HD! MPEG 2, MPEG 4! with CAIDs: 040620, 060A00 (all OK!).

Price on Server-4: 5.00,-€/Month     Place Ordering for NTV on Server-4!

Notes Server-4:
Tricolor without guarantee!
With Adult Channels!

Last Feedbacks about Pack NTV:
S-4 manu4fan, 2018-10-03: freeze by freeze, many timeouts..lose time and money.
S-3 cundriks2, 2018-12-09: ok
S-3 cundriks2, 2018-07-08: ok
S-3 cundriks2, 2018-08-08: ok
S-3 cundriks2, 2018-09-09: ok
S-3 cundriks2, 2018-09-20: ok
S-3 cundriks2, 2019-01-13: very good
S-3 cundriks2, 2019-03-13: ok
S-3 cundriks2, 2019-06-09: ok
S-3 cundriks2, 2019-09-24: ok
S-3 tophy, : Ok

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21 August 2017 05:48 | Administrator | | User Offline

060C00 and 060A00
working with wicardd, mgcamd 1.45 and oscam!!!

13 October 2018 07:37 | Registered | | User Offline

now works ok

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