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    Important on CardSharing-Servers:

Some Packs on Server-5 is closed/renamed... eg. VIP-Europe - same as VIP-ALL!

We have added new version of emulator MgCamd 1.45c (Mips) with SkyDe support.
You can download it here- https://yadi.sk/d/B4gI5FwRIm82tQ

SkyDE provider made changes on some channels. Right now those channels are working only in MgCamd 1.45c or OSCAM emulator (cccam or newcamd protocol).
For Oscam it is important to add into file oscam.server to [reader] section new parameter - disablecrccws = 1

Dear clients, as was already mentioned in the news dated September 18, 2018, Viasat provider has launched protection of almost all channels available in the package.
Currently, roughly 20 channels such as TV1000 Action East FSS, Viasat Nature East FSS, Viasat History FSS, Explorer/Spice FSS and some others are working. As soon as protection hack solution appears, it will be added to the server.

On Servers-4,5 Can use any protocol with 2 c-lines! 1st: main, 2nd: backup with DDDos security. So, in normal mode 1st line only should be active!
On Server-3 Can use any protocol with 1 c-line with DDDos protection!
About different prices on Servers HERE!


30-08-2019, 08:28 Category: Cardsharing Portal From: dr.Freak Views: 49637 Comments: 10
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Cardsharing       SkyLink
on Astra 3B at 23.3°E

ICE 0D96 + IRD 0624
Boomerang Europe, Animal Planet Benelux, JimJam Europe, BTV, Edge Sports HD promo, TV Nova HD, Nova Sport HD, Prima HD, HBO HD Czechia, FilmBox HD, HBO Comedy Central Europe, Sport 2 Czechia HD, TV Paprika, CT Sport HD, FilmBox Family, FilmBox Extra Cz, TV Retro, Nickelodeon Europe, Sport 5, TV Joj, Joj Plus, TV Markiza, TV Doma, STV1 (Jednotka), STV2 (Dvojka), TV Dajto, Discovery HD Showcase, Viasat Nature HD, Viasat History HD, Crime & Investigation Network UK, FilmBox Central Europe, Fine Living, TV Barrandov, Duck TV SD, Food Network, Viasat Explorer East, Spice Platinium, Viasat History, Viasat Nature East Europe, National Geographic Channel Hungary & Czechia, Hustler HD, Discovery Channel Central Europe, Disney Channel Hungary & Czechia, EuroSport, Film+ Czechia, The MGM Channel Central Europe, FightBox HD, DocuBox HD, EroX HD, FashionBox, 360TuneBox, EroXXX, RTVS HD, CT 1 HD, TV Fanda, Nova Cinema, Nova Sport Czechia, Classica Deutschland HD, AutoMotorSport HD, FilmBox Plus Czechia, Minimax Czechia, Smíchov, Horror Film, Prima COOL, TV Nova, Prima Zoom, Telka, Prima LOVE, R1, Leo TV , Leo TV , CS Mini, CS Film, Eurosport 2 North East Europe HD, Slovak Sport TV, History HD UK, TV Markíza HD, Spektrum HD, dokuCS, Eurosport HD, Travel Channel HD, AXN Czechia, kino CS, muzika CS, Film Europe Channel, PTV, WAU, M1, M2, 4! Story TV, Duna World, RTL Klub, TV 2, Muzsika TV, Film+ Hungary, Viasat 3, RTL II , The Fishing and Hunting Channel, HBO 2 Central Europe, Cinemax Central Europe, Cool TV Hungary, Universal Channel Czechia, MTV Europe CZ, Sport 1 Czechia, Brava HDTV, iConcerts, Nat Geo Wild Europe HD, National Geographic Channel HD Europe, CT 1 Jizni Morava, Prima TV, CT 1 Cechy, CT 2, CT 1 Severni Morava, CT Sport, CT:D (Decko) , CT:art

0.00 Notes Server-3:
- SkyLink active on Server-3 in VIP-All pack. Please check it!

    Active Cardsharing-Packages on Server-4:
CardSharing SkyLink on Astra 3B CardSharing
from Astra 3B at 23.5°E
Coding: Cryptoworks, Irdeto 2, Viaccess 5.0
Full package with HD!!!

Price on Server-4: 4.00,-€/Month     Place Ordering for Sky_Link on Server-4!

Notes Server-4:

    Active Cardsharing-Packages on Server-5:
Cardsharing SkyLink on Astra 3B Cardsharing
from Astra 3B at 23.5°E
Coding: Cryptoworks, Irdeto 2, Viaccess 5.0
Full package with HD!!!

Price on Server-5: 10.00,-€/Month     Place Ordering for Sky_Link on Server-5!

Notes Server-5:

Last Feedbacks about Pack Sky_Link:
S-5 sixnot, :
S-5 sixnot, :
S-5 sixnot, 2018-06-07: Works well
S-5 sixnot, 2018-09-03: Very good
S-5 sixnot, 2019-03-08: Works well
S-5 janosik, 2018-03-06: -Stars great service
S-5 janosik, 2018-04-12: .
S-5 pato12345, 2018-04-21: Ok
S-5 janosik, 2018-07-10: -Stars .
S-5 pato12345, 2018-05-21: -Stars A
S-5 pato12345, 2018-06-21: A
S-5 pato12345, 2018-07-20: A
S-5 pato12345, 2018-08-20: A
S-5 pato12345, 2018-09-18: A
S-5 pato12345, 2018-10-18: A
S-5 pato12345, 2018-11-17: A
S-5 pato12345, 2018-12-18: Aaa
S-5 pato12345, 2019-01-17: aaa
S-5 pato12345, 2019-02-17: a
S-5 pato12345, 2019-03-17: -Stars aaa ok
S-5 pato12345, 2019-04-16: aa
S-5 pato12345, 2019-05-16: work well
S-5 pato12345, 2019-06-17: -Stars works well.
S-5 pato12345, 2019-07-15: ok
S-5 pato12345, 2019-08-13: ok
S-5 pato12345, 2019-10-12: ok
S-5 CINEMA2016, 2018-03-15: Ok just short-term outages
S-5 neorbk, : neorbk
S-5 neorbk, 2018-02-27: ok
S-5 multiacehole, : Why renewal?
S-5 CINEMA2016, 2018-09-05: Vše OK
S-5 neorbk, 2018-08-23: ok
S-5 neorbk, 2018-10-10: all ok
S-5 CINEMA2016, 2019-03-11: Vše ok super :-)
S-5 monty62, : ok
S-5 neorbk, 2019-02-18: ok
S-5 neorbk, 2019-05-20: ok
S-5 neorbk, 2019-08-16: lately, the increase in lagoons
S-4 marian1972, :
S-4 lukasanita123, :
S-4 marian1972, :
S-4 lukasanita123, :
S-4 lukasanita123, 2018-03-03: Perfekt
S-4 marian1972, 2018-03-03:
S-4 marian1972, 2018-09-30: Good
S-4 marusa1234, 2018-09-29: Good
S-4 gunar1234, 2018-09-29: Good
S-4 gunar12345, 2018-09-29: Good
S-4 anitalukas, 2018-07-09: Good
S-4 marian1972, 2019-08-11:
S-4 frigga, :
S-4 janosik, : !
S-4 pato12345, :
S-4 pato12345, :
S-4 pato12345, :
S-4 pato12345, :
S-4 frigga, : ok
S-4 pato12345, :
S-4 pato12345, : a
S-4 frigga, 2018-08-20: tt
S-4 pato12345, 2018-02-27: ,
S-4 migele, 2018-04-26: Ok
S-4 janosik, 2018-07-10: .
S-4 darebak, 2018-06-26: Super
S-4 janosik, 2018-10-07: .
S-4 frigga, 2019-02-17: aa
S-4 janosik, 2019-02-07: .
S-4 frigga, 2019-08-15: great
S-4 DADA, : OK.
S-4 terezis, 2019-06-11: *****
S-4 st8tesman2, 2018-03-22: One month subscriptions was very good. Will renew for longer.
S-4 st8tesman2, : Pretty good. In the evening there are some pauses.
S-4 st8tesman2, 2018-05-22: Good service for good price.
S-4 st8tesman2, 2018-06-22: Good service.
S-4 st8tesman2, 2018-09-21: Good and consistent
S-4 st8tesman2, 2019-04-11: +++
S-4 Gadi001, : Working smooth nearly all times, sometimes short timeout between 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm
S-4 Gadi001, 2018-07-11: -Stars Works fine!
S-4 Gadi001, 2019-01-11: -Stars Fine!
S-4 adobodnar, :

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25 March 2016 09:49 | Deleted | |

hoj muže mě někdo popsat kolik budu platit a kolik bude programu na skylink je tam psáno 4 dolary i 8 dolaru vip ?

4 June 2016 19:03 | Registered | | User Offline

Zdravím. Jak to funguje? jede to bez chyb? jak dlouho to používáte?



18 September 2016 10:12 | Deleted | |

hallo brauche sky link oder cs link für iptv Samsung tv kann mir jemand helfen??
ahoj hledam sky link na Samsung tv iptv, pomuze mi nekdo??

11 November 2016 10:55 | Registered | | User Offline

aky je rozdiel server1 a server4

1 December 2016 10:26 | Administrator | | User Offline

pls read link on pack about diff. prices...

31 January 2018 10:47 | Administrator | | User Offline

Irdeto cards with CAID 0624 added to SkyLink HD package.
With disabled Cryptoworks encryption with CAID 0D96, we will transfer channel decoding to Irdeto cards with CAID 0624.
At the moment, with Irdeto cards CAID 0624, only one channel is working - "С Music".
Clients connecting CS using cccam protocol, no changes are required!
Clients connecting CS using newcamd protocol are requested to connect to the newly created port specified on GET SETTINGS page!

10 March 2018 07:18 | Registered | | User Offline

na serveru 5 je funkční 0624 irdeto Skylink , neseká se to a na nic se nečeká perfektní doporučuji.



10 April 2018 22:38 | Deleted | |

aho. ktore stanice idu na CAID 0624 okrem ccmusic?mne ziadne

8 October 2018 07:39 | Administrator | | User Offline

Guys, pls write in ENGLISH!!!

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